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You're A Chipmunk!

You are almost always saving for a rainy day, you're careful and aware of your spending. You love a good bargain! You're much more likely to clip coupons and eat at home to make sure you are all set for winter.

What Does That Even Mean??

  • You are aware you need to be prepared for a rainy day
  • You are smart with your money
  • You value your time, and come up with thoughtful gifts

How Can You Take Your Chipmunk Skills To The Next Level???

Here are 2 Things that my Chipmunk clients usually utilize to solidify their finances...

Do Something For You! As Chipmunks We Tend To Not Take Care Of Ourselves, So Treat Yourself To Something Special

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During The Next 30 Days Find 1 Way You Can Start Increasing Your Income So That You Have Options To Start Investing

I've Got A Resource For That For You, Keep Scrolling... 😉

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Before We Go Any Further...

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hey I'm Aimee 👋

I'm extremely passionate about personal finance and managing money. Can you tell?


I'm a Money Confidence coach who is here to help you achieve your financial goals. I was a brand new Momma when I decided I wanted to have security for my family and options to be able to attend events and travel of course!


But even more than that? I was tired of having to secretly check my bank account to make sure I had enough money to buy the groceries I needed for my kids


Now I help women manage and MASTER their money so that they can ditch the financial stress so that they achieve the results of their dreams.  Mastering your finances is not just about making more money or paying off debt. Mastering your finances means takes simple consistent actions toward the security, opportunities, and abundance you desire.


I've developed a strategy that works for YOU without having to eat beans and rice indefinitely while you try to get your finances in order. I mean who wants to do that, right?


If you want to create a change in your finances and stop stressing, you're in the right place!


The point is to help you to master your money to create the security, abundance (aka true wealth) and options you desire. All without having to live on beans and rice!


All different income levels from stay at home Mom's with no businesses, to 6 & 7 figure CEO's. The principles I teach help You achieve your financial dreams and so much more.


I'm excited that you found me here on my little corner of the internet. I can't wait to see your progress towards your financial goals!


Until Next Time,



Aimee Cerka

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