Recommended Tools For Success

To be a successful entrepreneur you need to learn certain skills and have systems in place. This is a list of some of the most valuable tools that have been vital in my personal journey.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. Meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Financial - Biz And Personal

YNAB - You Need A Budget

Having a budget is key. You already know that. So let's make it easier. YNAB is the app I use and recommend for your budgeting life. Stay on top of your finances with ease without having to check your bank account 10x a day! Sign-up for YNAB and then we can nerd out together! Free 30-day trial when you utilize my affiliate link


I use QuickBooks Online to run a better business. Use my referral link to get up to 50% off and a $50 Visa® Card to help with your business needs when you sign up!


Business Banking with no fees!

"Office" Tools

Project Broadcast

Texting Service: You can text clients and network 1:1, create a text list, and send event reminders yourself or have a team handle it for you.


Calendly allows you to provide a link and your prospect or customer can book their appointment with you. The neat thing about Calendly is you can integrate with your existing calendar (like Google Calendar) so you can avoid double booking.


Zoom is a tool I use on a weekly if not daily basis. The easiest way to video chat with clients and teammates. Run an international business? Zoom is definitely a lifesaver for you! Best part? You can start with a free account - I do use a paid one for webinar features and etc.


Basically, it’s a note taking an app that is cloud based so you can access on multiple devices. There is a free version but I upgraded to the Premium so that I can access on unlimited devices – there are some other benefits as well.

HP Instant Ink

Between my business and homeschool we print A LOT. I love the HP Instant Ink service because I don't have to worry about printing in color or running out of ink. There are different tiers based off your printing needs - plus free pages with this link!

AWeber - MUST HAVE Service

AWeber - MUST HAVE Service
Looking for an email marketing service that allows you to do more with less time? Excellent deliverability and uniquely tag your prospects so you can deliver a unique experience quickly

Website Tools

Build A Blog/Website

Looking to create your own blog/website? You definitely want to see Tanya Aliza's top notch training course- Learn More

Theme - Optimize Press

Looking for domain hosting with great customer service at an EXCELLENT price?

Online Marketing

Go To Coach Club - Sophia Parra

Sophia Parra - What The Heck To Post - Content prompt suggestions and Instagram strategy

Pinterest - Pin With Purpose

Looking for a stream of leads on a consistent basis without spending a fortune of advertising? One of my favorite ways to market is Pinterest. This is the exact training I used from being a total newbie to 80% of my traffic to my website comes from Pinterest EVERY SINGLE MONTH. This is also best for those of us who don't have time, you can set up your content in just a couple of hours a week

Interact Quiz Builder

Have you started using quizzes for your lead magnet yet? I’m loving Interact Quiz Builder! Try it for free - you won’t be disappointed!


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