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Ep. 141 – Cash Clarity: Can We Not Talk About This?

When we dodge discussing our finances, we’re left with uncertainty and stress. It’s time to shift to a positive approach. By embracing transparency and understanding our financial situation, we can boost our confidence and take control. So, let’s start those money conversations and kick avoidance to the curb. Let’s go!

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Can We Not Talk About This?

This is the Your Money Your Life podcast, Cash Clarity Edition, where you get a micro money tip so you can get the money when in five minutes or less. I’m your host, Aimee Cerka.

After over 10 years in the personal finance industry, and multiple personal financial and medical crisis, I was fed up with the lies that are being shouted from the rooftops, by the Gurus and the media. So now I make money simple, so that you have the confidence that you need to, to handle the money thing without sacrificing your lifestyle.

If you’re a female entrepreneur who wants to make more money and are ready to eliminate fear, stress, struggle, frustration and guilt, from your finances, in all the areas that they affect, you’re in the right place. Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here.

The Dangers of Avoiding Your Money

One of the most harmful things that you can do with your money is to avoid it. We assume everybody’s in the better place, you know, the keeping up with the Joneses. We judge; there’s avoidance, and then we just kind of like vague about where things are at.

We don’t understand it. And that is the most harmful thing that you can do with your money. And I’ll tell you why. Before we get to that, though, we haven’t met before. My name is Aimee Cerka. I’m your go to money confidence coach for making money simple with straight to the point strategies all so that you can make more money in less time.

So why is avoiding your money, one of the most harmful things that you can do? Because if we are wasting our money, we’re not clear on what we’re making, what we’re spending what we owe our investments, all those things.

We’re speculating, okay. And it might just be, you know, like the bills are getting paid, and whatever that might be. But when we’re speculating, and we’re avoiding the truth, and we’re just kind of guessing, the avoidance here is always worse. Because whether the situation is better than you thought, or worse than your thought, you’re still not aware.

Fall in Love with Your Money

So how do you overcome this? You have to fall in love with your money, you have to understand where things are at. But it’s more than just like loving your money, you have to love yourself and love, like your spouse, the life that you’ve created this city, the decisions that you’ve made.

And the reason that we don’t do that, and that we avoid things is the fear and the guilt, and the shame, all of those things that show up, makes it to where we avoid it. So when we create a relationship, create a space where you can love your money. And again, it’s not like loving money and putting it above everybody, but loving yourself and your loved ones and your circumstances in spite of what’s happened in creating that positive relationship with money.

The Power of Intentionality

So put the attention on the money, because it’s one of the most important things that we can do. When you put the attention on it. When you take care of it. You create the space that you are safe, you’re secure, you’re unstoppable, you know where things are at, instead of kind of avoiding things right, we have to have that intentionality.

Because when you’re intentional, when you can create that relationship, that space where you can love your money even if things aren’t in a space that you want them to be in. There’s clarity there. And when you have clarity, you have power. And when you have power, you’re confident and when you’re confident you’re unstoppable.

And the people around, won’t necessarily get it because they’re stuck in their assumptions. So we have to let that part go. They want you to look a certain way. They want you to act a certain way. They want you to do certain things.

Creating a Safe Space to Talk About Money

But when you create a space where you’re not avoiding the conversation with yourself with your loved ones around money, I’m not saying you have to like go talk to like, random friends, people that you’re acquaintances with about money. I mean, you’re not a money coach, you don’t have to do that, right. But when you create that space, within for yourself, within your family, your loved ones, your household that we’re talking about money and it’s not at a shame, that’s where the love comes from, like we are not guilting each other.

We’re not creating shame. We’re not doing those things like love what money can do for you the blessing that it allows you to do the things that you’re allowed to have like your, wherever you’re at whether you’re at home, you have a roof over your head, the food that’s on the table, the clothes, that you have those things when you can love what money allows you to do. Then you can create that safe space. And again, clarity, power, confidence, unstoppable.

Clarity Leads to Power

Regardless of what everyone else is thinking, you have to own your power, own your situation, not letting everybody else in their assumptions dictate you what everybody else is doing. It doesn’t matter. You have to own your power and get clear on your money so you can get clear on your priorities and then you’re clear on your wife.

This avoidance isn’t working any longer and trust me, you know, not everyone But he is doing as great as they think they are. We see the highlight reels all the time on social media. And there’s a lot of people who are oblivious as well.

Like they don’t know where they’re actually at these assumptions that are made. We see brands all the time, they’ll talk about like, you know, we had these million dollar launches. But and that kind of like implies a million dollars in profit, but it’s not, it was a million dollars in revenue.

Choosing Where to Spend Your Money

Now you can choose to spend your money wherever you want. And if they chose to a lot of them to spend the money on Facebook ads and teams, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s because it’s the choice that they’re making.

But we have to stop assuming that everybody is so much farther ahead and feeling guilt and shame and avoiding the money because of it. So the thing that we need to like not talk about is we need to start talking about our money. You can’t avoid it any longer.

You have to remove again, judgment of what it’s vague. It’s vague pneus all the things because it is important. All right, I gotta run we got a workshop starting in two minutes.

Do you have any questions make sure to drop them below. We’ll see you next time. Bye for now.

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Aimee Cerka
Aimee Cerka

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