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Ep. 155 – Creating Success With A Podcast with Caroline Hull

In this episode, I sit down with Caroline Hull, podcasting strategist and CEO of Wild Home Podcasting, to explore the nuances of achieving success with podcasts. Caroline shares invaluable insights on leveraging Instagram for content promotion and the importance of aligning content with your audience’s needs. We dive into the marathon nature of podcasting, effective content strategies, and Caroline’s transformative experiences with Money Mastery Academy.

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting, this episode offers key strategies to enhance your podcast’s impact and reach. Join us for a deep dive into making your podcast a powerful tool for growth.

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Creating Success With A Podcast: Resources

Podcast Key Points

0:00 – Episode Overview
2:21 – The money will be there to support that
6:16 – Should you have a podcast?
10:13 – Is your podcast funnel working?
14:49 – How should you actually promote your podcast on social media
21:58 – The time needed to be successful
23:49 – Nothing was working
31:40 – Structuring your podcast for sales and connect with Caroline

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Creating Success With A Podcast

Launching a Podcast: What You Need to Know

Have you thought about starting a podcast? Maybe you have one, but it doesn’t seem to be working as you expected. Today, I’m with Caroline Hull, a podcasting strategist, manager, and CEO of Wild Home Podcasting. She’s a homeschool mom who helps online business owners create strategic podcasts to grow their businesses. Caroline discovered her love for podcasts after launching her own show, realizing the power it holds for business growth. Caroline believes everyone has a unique perspective and a story worth sharing. As the host of “Strategize and Shine,” she offers podcasting strategies and tips weekly. Today, we’ll discuss everything from knowing if a podcast is right for you to promoting it on social media and measuring its success. This is the “Your Money, Your Life” podcast, and I’m Aimee Cerka, your host and a Money Confidence Coach for female entrepreneurs on their way to six figures.

Meet Caroline Hull: Podcast Strategist and CEO

Caroline Hull is a podcast strategist, manager, and CEO of Wild Home Podcasting. She started her journey into podcasting after launching her own show, realizing how powerful it could be for growing a business. She discovered her passion for helping online business owners share their stories and generate leads through podcasts. Each week, Caroline shares strategies and tips on her “Strategize and Shine” podcast. She’s also a homeschool mom and an expert in creating successful podcasts for business owners.

Podcasting: A Powerful Tool for Growth

Caroline Hull believes everyone has a unique perspective and a story worth sharing. She helps online business owners create strategic podcasts to help grow their businesses. After launching her podcast, she found it was a powerful tool for growth. Caroline’s approach to podcasting is about sharing unique perspectives and stories, helping businesses generate leads and connect with their audience. She works with business owners to create strategic podcasts that align with their goals.

The Importance of Podcast Strategy

Caroline shares her journey with podcasting and how it led her to become a podcast coach. She started as a stationery designer but found her true passion in the back end of podcasting. Caroline’s experience with her first podcast showed her how a successful podcast can create a strong community and even generate sales. However, she also discovered that many business owners weren’t using their podcasts to their full potential. This led her to focus on coaching and podcast strategy to help others make the most out of their podcasts.

Is Podcasting Right for You?

One common question Caroline gets is how to know if you should start a podcast. She says the first thing to consider is whether you love audio. Podcasting is an audio format, so you need to enjoy it and feel comfortable with it. The second thing to consider is whether you have any long-form content in your marketing strategy. Podcasting is great for nurturing and warming leads, so if you’re looking for a way to deepen your connection with your audience, it could be a great fit.

Measuring Podcast Success

One of the biggest questions business owners have about their podcasts is how to measure success. Caroline explains that it all comes down to your goal for the podcast. Whether it’s growing your email list, selling a product, or promoting a service, you need a clear goal. Once you know your goal, you can measure success based on how well your podcast helps you achieve it. Caroline also emphasizes that just because you start a podcast doesn’t mean your business will instantly grow. It takes time, strategy, and consistency to see results.

Promoting Your Podcast on Social Media

Promoting your podcast on social media can be challenging. Caroline shares tips for making the most of social media to promote your podcast. She suggests repurposing your podcast content for Instagram and other platforms. This could be through carousels, reels, or even B-roll with audio clips from your podcast. The key is to make your social media content engaging and aligned with what your audience enjoys.

Caroline Hull’s Free Gift: Podcast Template for Sales

If you have a podcast and you’re wondering how to set it up for success, Caroline has a free gift for you. You can download a template for structuring your podcast episodes to drive sales. This template is a great starting point for anyone looking to create a podcast that aligns with their business goals.

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Connect with Caroline Hull and Aimee Cerka

To connect with Caroline Hull and learn more about her podcasting strategies, visit her website at You can also follow her on Instagram at @WildHomePodcasting. If you’re interested in joining Aimee Cerka’s Money Mastery Academy, send a message on Instagram with the word “Caroline,” and she’ll send you a special link for a discount.

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