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This interview clip comes from the Money Magnifier Toolkit designed to help you make more money! If you’re considering a homestead this is one to listen to but not only that the reasons that Kody created this curriculum and the choices that they made, I could really relate to. Then the determination and perseverance she talks about and displays I really believe are key in creating a long-term profitable business.

There are SEVERAL golden nuggets throughout so I think this is one to check out even if you don’t see yourself creating and publishing a homeschool curriculum.

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Podcast Key Points
0:00 – Episode Overview
2:32 – What does Your Money Your Life mean to you? – Pursuing The Financial Endeavours That Are Important To You
3:29 – Getting Started Homesteading – Why Homesteading
4:51 – Starting A Homestead Science Curriculum
7:22 – Initial Costs For Designing A Curriculum
9:59 – Printing Yourself vs Publishing Company
13:17 – Age Curriculum Is This Geared Towards
15:22 – Day-to-Day Obligations Now
17:42 – Covering Ongoing Expenses With Skills You Already Have – Golden Nugget!
18:32 – Personality Traits Needed To Be Successful
20:02 – Quick Cash Infusions If You’re Looking To Create Your Own Curriculum
22:11 – Free Gift – 10% Off Purchases for 2022
22:50 – Connect With Kody

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Sharing is caring!

Aimee Cerka
Aimee Cerka

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