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How Do You Know When You Should Wing It And When You Should Plan – Ep. 134

How are you doing on your journey towards your income goals? Are you feeling the push and pull between making a solid plan and just going with the flow? In this episode, let’s delve into the delicate balance between planning and intuition, and it’s a game-changer for anyone striving for financial success. So, here we go!

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Podcast Key Points

0:00 – Episode Overview
1:39 – Setting A Goal And Not Achieving It
3:51 – Planning When You Know What Works
8:07 – Grab the Cash Flow Calculator

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Planning vs. Going with the Flow: Finding Balance for Financial Success

Have you set a goal before your, I’m gonna, you know, hit six figures 10k months? Those are the probably the most popular ones that I hear. But you’ve set that goal before and you’re like, I’m gonna do it by this date. We’re gonna make it happen and doesn’t happen.

We’re gonna talk today about the balance between planning and just going with it. Because that is really important, especially as you are working towards your income goal. There we go!

This is the Your Money Your Life podcast. I’m your host, Aimee Cerka, a money confidence coach for female entrepreneurs on the path to six figures. After over 10 years in the personal finance industry and multiple personal financial and medical crisis, I was fed up with the lies that are being shouted from the rooftops by the gurus and the media.

Since I help you simplify, solidify and scale your money, by blending tactile money strategies with mindset work, you can create unstoppable finances together. You’ll finally figure out the money thing. So you can make more money in less time without living off of beans and rice, or sacrificing your lifestyle.

Episodes here on the podcast are short and sweet. Being married, having four kids at home, homeschooling being the CEO running the household, I’m kind of busy. And I know you are too. So let’s keep it simple and get to the point. Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here.

Welcome back to the Your Money, Your life podcast, I’m your host Aimee Cerka. We are talking today about the balance between making a plan and just going with it. Because there’s a time and a place for both. And you need a balance.

Have you set that goal before you’re like I’m gonna hit those 10k months, I’m gonna make 100k? Whatever it might be, maybe you’re just starting out and you’re like, I want to make $1,000. And you haven’t done that yet. Whatever it might be, you set that goal, you put the timeline in, and then you don’t hit it.

The Pitfalls of Unrealistic Goals

There’s a couple things that show up here. The first one is we create cognitive dissonance when we set that goal and we don’t achieve it over and over and over again. Because we lose belief in ourself, we lose that confidence.

And there’s ways that we’re going to fix that. So stick with me, okay. But when you’ve set a goal, and it feels too big of a job, your subconscious mind will be like, No, we’re not doing that, because it’s designed to protect you. And if it feels so out of reach, it feels so impossible. That’s a scary feeling.

So you will self -sabotage, you’ll not do what you need to do in order to see success. What’s the solution? How do you do that? Like, okay, do I not plan at all just kind of like, wing everything don’t have any attention? Any attention to any details? No, not at all.

We have to have a plan, we have to have a strategy. But we can’t have it be so rigid that we get stuck in, like cognitive dissonance.

Creating a Vision: Beyond the Numbers

This is what we do. I want you to create a vision, a vision of what you want this to look like, what are you working towards? What’s the end goal?

Maybe it’s the revenue number, but what’s the revenue number going to do for you? Is that actually what you need to achieve? Whatever lifestyle those feelings, those experiences that you want to create?

Because often, we’ll pick a number just randomly and we have no clue what that looks like. Is it enough money? Is it too much? Can you be happier with less? What is that look like? Create the life that you want to envision that?

Knowing Your Numbers Without Being Controlled by Them

There, we’re just kind of winging it, we put this out there. This is what you’re working towards, without the step by step expectation of when it’s going to happen. But then we need to plan like, how are we going to get there?

What are the things that are working, we have to know when it comes to your money, you have to know what you’re spending, you have to know what you’re making, we have to know our numbers, but we’re not caught up in them.

That is the power of removing yourself from the numbers because once you know what they are and they don’t control you, you can use them simply as data points to make a decision. It’s not a reflection of who you are. Whether you know the business is profitable, whether you’re draining money, whether you’re spending money on duplicate expenses, and you don’t need to whatever that is, that’s just like tactile things that we need to take care of that is not a reflection of you at all.

Strategic Planning: Balancing Rigidity and Flexibility

But that’s a skill to be able to remove yourself from it. So make the plan the vision of where you want to go. But then go to your step by step plan like how are you actually going to get there we can’t just okay manifestation, great works vision board, all those things work.

But we’d have to have a tactile piece to it as well. We have to actually be doing the work will be You can’t just be doing the work running around like a chicken with their head cut off, because then you’re working way harder than you need to. And you’re not actually seeing progress, you have to be strategic in it, you have to make the focus.

So plan what’s actually working. Look at the numbers, your last five sales. Where did those last five sales come from?

Social Media: Nurturing vs. Generating Clients

If you can look at that, and do more of those things, okay, duplicate that. That’s what’s working instead of the social media stuff, which social media has a time in place? It’s just not necessarily always a client posting on social isn’t necessarily a client generating activity?

Yeah, there’s a different purpose behind that. So yes, I do it. I still love. You know, the, we don’t really point as much on reels anymore. You notice that?

That used to be thing like, I don’t want to point and dance on reels. We want to do as much of that. But I still post those reels. I still do those things. But I know, that’s not what’s generating.

That is not what is going to generate clients. That’s not what is going to generate growth in my business. It has a third function, which is nurture. That’s it for another day. But does. Does that make sense?

Setting Attainable Goals: Finding the Sweet Spot

This is where I want us to be on a zoom. So we can actually talk through this, because this is key. How many times have we set those income goals and not hit it and then get defeated, and it doesn’t feel possible the next time you want to set the goal?

This is the solution to that? Yes, you’re still working towards that. Vision, that still overarching big goal, but that’s not what you’re working on. And even if you break it down, okay, so let’s say you want to hit the 10k months, but you’re like, I just need to make $1,000 first $1,000 a month, okay?

Then focus on that first, does that feel attainable? Make a goal. And if you’re gonna put the tactile on it, pick a goal that feels attainable, if it feels so out of reach, make it part of your vision that there’s not a deadline associated with it.

Overcoming Defeat: The Importance of Positive Reinforcement

This is just where you’re working towards, not the immediate thing that you’re going to work on. Yes, we have to push ourselves, yes, we have to move forward. But we have to do it in a smart way.

We’re not self-sabotaging. But we also have to be looking at the numbers and doing more of what is actually working and not avoiding the money numbers, because you’re gonna work harder than you have to.

Feedback Welcome: Share Your Takeaways

Alright, that’s what I’ve got for today. I want to hear from you send me a message on Instagram. What was your biggest takeaway? Was this helpful? Do we want more of these?

Because, you know, this is something that I created and we’re going to assign notes. I did this a lot for years that I was self sabotaging because, you know, we set these big hit income goals and you’re like, Okay, I’ll do the work.

We did the work that we don’t get there. Like you don’t hit the income goal. And then you’re defeated and what’s wrong with me and you go through that whole vicious cycle again, and again and again. That’s why I can see it when my clients come and talk to me.

Anyways. Okay, so the main message on Instagram, I want to hear from you. What was your biggest takeaway? Alright, that’s it for now. We’ll see you next time.

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