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Improve Your Finances With These 6 Unusual Strategies

Feel like you’ve tried to improve your finances and you are not getting anywhere?

These 6 unique strategies are categories that I often see missed.

6 strategies that don’t seem related to your finances. But, in fact, they are VITAL to improving your money situation.

Watch this video below to find out what exactly these 6 unique strategies are

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Transcription of Improve Your Finances With These 6 Unusual Strategies

Hey there! How are you this evening? I’ve got six different ways that I wanted to talk about that you should be investing we can say investing in yourself and pursuing bigger passions. So before you get into that though I wanted to quickly introduce myself, if we’ve never met before Hi my name is Aimee Cerka, super excited that you were doing here, and this fussy butt is Brooklynn. Let’s just keep going.

So, what you should be investing in continually at all times, there are six different areas that you need to make sure that you’re investing in to power up your finances.

The first is going to be yourself. This is going to be personal development, self-help, mindset training is going to fall in here as well because if you’re not continually working to improve yourself, especially up here, you’re going to lose that competitive edge. So when you’re continually growing a lot of times people see raises in the workplace. If they’re still going to a nine to five or better business relations, better relationships with their family, with their kids, etc. But we need to make sure that we’re continually working on this because it’s not something that you are actively working on, it’s not going to improve in fact it is most likely to decline, because it’s like every other muscle if we don’t use it you lose it.

And then the second thing is going to be your financial education. So there is always something that we can be doing to improve ourselves financially. A lot of principles, you’ll learn, and you’ll be aware of when you’ve gone through whatever training once you become educated in those financial principles. The principles won’t really change, but you have to continually work, it’s like everything else, they have to continually work to improve it if we want to continue to grow in our financial realm.

The third thing is going to be your business. So I wanted to make this separate from your financial education because if you don’t have one, I definitely recommend having at least a home-based business. Especially if you are in the US, it’s great for tax advantages, but it also it’s, it’s taking charge you have some responsibility there. When you have a business you have that goal that you’re running towards and it keeps you, it keeps you running towards a new goal and that’s really important. goes back to, I guess, because you have something that you’re chasing you’re motivated to keep moving.

And then the fourth one is going to be your passive income stream. So, note that this is separate from your business you should have more than one income stream. I’m not talking about any 401k that you might have at your job or whatnot but you need to have multiple income streams to truly have a good financial picture.

Then the fifth one that I’ve got here is your health. Because if you’re not in good health. Then, how are you going to provide for your family, with your job, business, whatever it might be, even if you have passive income streams, if you have poor health, it’s going to cost more, which again, affects your overall financial picture. So staying in good health taking care of yourself, health-wise, and don’t try and change everything at once. Start one thing at a time, implement that stick with it for 90-120 days and then start a new routine of your health, there.

And then the sixth one is relaxation because all work and no play is no fun and a good recipe for burnout. So making sure that you’re taking time, investing in yourself with your relaxation, taking time for you – resetting, reframing, whatever that might look like. Take a day a week. A six-day workweek is very manageable and then take some vacations to have that time for yourself to help recoup the energy that you spent investing in yourself in those areas. And who knows, maybe you’ll have some time for an extra personal development book or something like that. At that time, but it needs to be something that rejuvenates you when you’re taking that time investing in the relaxation.

So quick recap, here 6 ways that you need to be investing in yourself to create a profit power up in your finances.
  • The first was your personal development. So it’s going to be yourself with personal development mindset work.
  • The second is going to be your financial education.
  • The third was in your business.
  • The fourth was in passive income streams,
  • The fifth was in your health,
  • And the six was in relaxation.

Hey there, I hope that you found that video helpful, I’ve got something special that I would love to give to you. And what that is is I’ve got three tips to help you build wealth. And these three tips, I am going to help you be able to take your finances to the next level so that you can start truly creating wealth. And like I said, I’d love to get that into your hands so what we can do to help you get that is you can either go directly to to grab those, or you can, depending on where you’re watching this video there’s going to either be a button directly below the video or link in the description. Make sure you grab that. So go ahead and grab that and then we will see you later. Bye.

YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Grab the 3 Tips To Build Wealth by clicking the button above.

If you are serious about making a change in your finances and want to Increase Your Financial Bottom Line – apply for a session HERE. You can also head over to the Resources tab to check out some of my favorite tools for success!

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