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How To Increase Revenue As A Business Owner – Ep. 76

How the heck do you make more money as a business owner without sacrificing your time with your family and your precious sleep?

Inside this episode, we’re talking about the 3 key things you need to prioritize to hit that 6 figure goal

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Podcast Key Points

0:00 – Episode Overview
1:31 – Making More Money & Having Fun With That
3:32 – Doesn’t Have To Take A Lot Of Time
4:23 – Making Offers
7:17 – Sponsorship – Cash Flow Unlocked Workshop
9:02 – Email Marketing for Consistent Offers
12:19 – Launching
13:00 – Get In Front Of New Audiences
15:05 – Be Consistent
19:16 – Recap & Challenge: Biggest Takeaway From Today’s Episode

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Increasing Revenue as a Business Owner: Balancing Work and Family

How the heck do you make more money as a business owner without sacrificing your time with your family and your precious sleep? Inside this episode we’re talking about the three key things you need to prioritize to hit that six-figure income goal. So, let’s do this!

Welcome to the Your Money Your Life podcast. I’m your host, Aimee Cerka. After over 10 years in the personal finance industry and multiple personal financial and medical crisis, I was fed up with the lies that are being shouted from the rooftops by the gurus and the media. So now I help you the ambitious woman step into unstoppable finances.

When you step into unstoppable finances, you create financial abundance that aligns with your personal values and goals. Without working 80 hours plus work weeks, without pinching pennies, without worrying how you’ll handle the next curveball life throws your way. And in a simple to the point kind of way, being married, having four kids at home, homeschooling, being a CEO, running the household, I’m kind of busy. And I know that you are too.

So here, we get straight to the point. If you’re ready to eliminate fear, stress, struggle, frustration and guilt, from your finances, and all the areas they affect. You’re in the right place. Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here

Making Offers Consistently: The Key to Growth

Welcome back to another episode of the Your Money Your Life Podcast. I’m so thrilled that you’re here. And today we’re talking about how the heck you can increase your revenue as a business owner. And I’m going to be honest, we can only barely scratch the surface.

On this day, this is so key. This is honestly one of the areas that we’re still adding to within the Academy, we still are talking. I’m like, Okay, this is another way that we are increasing our income, that offensive side of things is the part that we get to play with most often.

When you have the defensive side that is almost like a set it up and forget it. The battlefield isn’t like an ongoing continual process, but the offense is the part that we have worked to doing. And that’s the part that you feel the best about. Yes, it is amazing. And I love getting the testimonials.

Testimonials talking about not being scared of your finances more, and taking the fear out and feeling that confidence. And that’s really what I’m working towards. Because, for me, that’s where I see the biggest benefit for you and really for myself as well.

And as a byproduct, you’re making money, but there is nothing like seeing that. Like for myself, we set this up actually I talk about this inside the academy. I have been using a Zapier set up. When I make a sell or somebody’s subscription processes, there is a touching. Notice that goes off because literally a text message that I get this is touching, okay. It’s so much fun.

And my kids know what it means like, Hey, Mommy just made money. And it’s awesome. Because half the time we’re sitting at the table eating or I’m making dinner or we’re playing or something. It’s not always the time where I’m sitting here working my business.

My Superpower: Creating Systems

Because again, like inside the academy, you’ll hear us talk about this, like it’s not about working all the time. One of the things that you will learn about me is my like superpower is creating systems, okay?

Systems and Routines. And because that’s my superpower, I get a lot done, but it’s because of the systems and routines and you get the whole mastering productivity. Mastering productivity and time management like a boss couldn’t remember what it was called. That whole trading system is like a standalone product. It’s included inside the Academy.

If you join us inside the Academy, which we’re talking about Cashflow Unlocked that workshop that’s coming up. But that is key. And when you get more done, you’re able to do more productive because you streamline things with systems it takes less time.

Consistency is Key

Okay, so today though, we’re supposed to be talking about how to increase your revenue as a business owner. Lots of recordings today. The first thing that I see so often we aren’t necessarily doing is we have to make offers and you have to consistently make offers.

That consistency is going to be the key throughout all of this. Okay? So often we’ll put a lot of effort now I want to hear this. Or you can just laugh with me behind the scenes, okay. We spend so much time and effort thinking about, Got it.

You’ll be like I’m doing all the stuff in my business all the time. I am so burned out. I haven’t done. I haven’t seen any progress. I’m doing all the things.

So, if we sit down and look at it like what are you getting that? What are you doing? Are you making the offers? Or would you spend 30 minutes scrolling social media? Or did you spend 30 minutes thinking about it than not actually doing anything? Now, thinking and CEO time is very important.

Navigating CEO Time

We talk again inside the academy, about how we set this up and how to have that CEO time and why that’s so important. But we have to actually make the offer you have to make the ask and it can’t be like this lie like oh, okay, full transparency. I learned this from Ray Higdon. This is called a mumble.

So, the fact that I’ve said inside the academy we do this referencing my program in the Academy. There wasn’t an outright ask that I made. I didn’t say, hey, go join the Academy, right? That wasn’t officially an ask. But it was a mumble when I said Academy.

So, we’re talking about something else and it is great to mumble. It’s a skill that I’ve learned along with time not like literally mumble but mumble like dropping your programs. I’m totally like going to this was not wasn’t even a cognizant, conscious. There we go conscious thing that I was mumbling about mumbling mentioning the academy.

Okay, it wasn’t even like a conscious thought. This is something that I’ve trained myself to do. But when you are seeding the program by the mumble when you talk about other things, or yeah, I just got off this call with my client like that was a mumble because hey, you have a client. Those are all great.

Getting in Front of New Audiences

But we have to like actually like, hey, I’m selling this thing. Do you want it? Like those type of offers. And we’re not necessarily talking about just cold DMing somebody, there is a place and a way to DM people that works. We’ll have to get into that later. We’ll do a training about that inside the academy. There are places to do that. Not all coal dams are bad. Might be like you don’t agree with me in that and that’s fine.

Hey, I wanted to jump in real quick and tell you about the Cashflow Unlocked Workshop. If you’re tired of being scared of tax time and want to finally hit those income goals without sacrificing your relationships in time with your family. Even if you just don’t have the time for one more thing, this free workshop is probably going to be just for you.

Inside Cashflow Unlocked, I’ll give you the five essential keys to increasing your cash flow so that you can make more money, understand your numbers and gain financial control and confidence. Again, without adding a ton to your plate because you just don’t have the time right. This isn’t just one of those classes where you get part of the information and zero help, I’m calling it a workshop for a reason.

Yes, we’ll go over those five essential keys but there will walk first steps you need to take together so that you aren’t left in information overwhelm. The event will start on April 18. But right now, all you need to do is to get on the waitlist just text me cashflow to 817-969-4653.

I’ll let you know as soon as you can register. Absolutely free and there’s a link in the show notes if you click that it’s going to take care of all that for you and puts the text in there types of my number all that stuff. All you have to do is hit send. Again, that link is in the show notes keep it simple. Hit the link, be on the waitlist, now back to the episode.

Mastering Consistency

But you have to consistently make offers. So how consistently are you making offers? This can be done two different ways this can be set up evergreen with like an email marketing funnel.

Alison Hardy is amazing when it comes to email funnels. That’s who I learned all my email funnel stuff from so you can definitely check her out. I’ll put a link to her podcast in the show notes for this episode because I’m inside one of her programs. Absolutely love everything that I learned from her super heart centered entrepreneur there but there are other ways to evergreen things as well. That is outside of your email funnel.

So, you can set up what’s called an order bump so when somebody goes to buy something, they get offered something that will be complimentary that was served him as well. It’s like a bonus, like, hey, if you’re getting this, you might want to have this as well.

You can also offer what’s called an OTO, which would be a One-Time Offer, which is an upsell. That sounds like after you hit the submit button, that next page that pops up, that will be an OTO.

Also, if you have a lead magnet that you’re offering somebody, you can have what’s called a tripwire, so that you make a small offer for something that is complimentary that will help solve the problem, that once you go through that item, they’ll uncover Okay, that would be a trip offer.

Strategies for Expanding Your Audience and Revenue

You can also within the email funnel, make offers all of those would be evergreen. That’s perfectly awesome. The likelihood is somebody that doesn’t know you will know you. And there we go.

And going to your website and just buying stuff unless you’ve got some really great SEO. Pinterest is supposed to be good for this. Like someone who’s just going and buying, but I do feel like the market is changing.

And there’s less of that now, depending on your audience and where you’re at. Okay, not that it doesn’t work, it’s just a little different. You probably have to work harder at it.

You could also use evergreen tactics techniques like ads. If you are running an ad to something or you can make offers live, which can be a launch, like we’re getting ready to do for Cashflow Unlocked that workshop and actually that link is going to be like, it’ll open soon. So excited for you.

So, if you’re not already on the waitlist to be the first to know the first to get registered, when Cashflow Unlocked goes live, when the link goes live so that you can get registered. The event is actually starting April 18. Actually, just go check out the page when it goes live. Because I might do another time for you.

At the time I’m recording this, I haven’t decided yet. Because I really want you to be able to be there live with me. So yeah, well, we’ll see about making that happen. Either way, just make sure you’re registered, you’re on the waitlist, if you haven’t clicked the link in the show notes, it’s going to pre populate it.

All you have to do is text me Cashflow. And you’ll get it all set up. But there’s a link in the show notes. If you click that, it does it all for you. You don’t have to do anything, just hit the link and then hit send on your phone, okay.

Boosting Your Business Income By Making Offers

But you can do a live launch, which can be short. It can be long. It can just be like sending an awareness email. This can be showing up in your stories and being like, hey, I don’t know if you know or not, but I have this program. This is what it does for you. If you’re looking for this, this, this and this. Check this out, send me a word, vote yes, whatever it might be, but we have to be consistently making offers. That’s like the first thing here.

Okay. To increase your revenue, you have to make the ask. Okay, so many times, we’ve built the work the website and we’re just sitting here like, hey, come find me. And that will be amazing. But there’s got to be more work put into it.

Okay. The second thing you have to get in front of new audiences. Now there’s a variety of different ways to do this. Again, we’ve got an option if you want to pay. SEO is a great strategy for long term. YouTube is great for SEO. Your blog, if you have a WordPress blog, and you set it up for SEO, we can talk all about that inside the academy.

Unlocking Podcast Growth

Again, you’re going to hear me mumble all the time now, aren’t you? That’s another great option. You can also do collaborations. Bring guest experts inside to your programs do those things, then you can also guest on other people’s podcast.

One of the best ways to grow your own podcast is to get on other people’s podcast, we can get into a whole MINDSET STRATEGY thing about why that works so well. But being in front of more people, because if you are making the same offer to the same amount of people.

Yes, some of them will die. But you have to be talking to the people who had the problem that you’re trying to solve. And the best way to do that is to get in front of those people, okay. Instagram reels is very fun. I do a lot of reels; I enjoy them. We put them on TikTok or put them on Instagram, YouTube shorts, all the things, okay.

We enjoy doing that, but it’s not really a growth strategy. And this is something that Sophia Parra talks about, we’re gonna talk about, like, all my favorite people to learn from. She also has a podcast; I will link to her podcast in the show notes as well.

But she talks about the fact that going viral isn’t really like a strategy. It might seem fun at all, but for most people, even if you do go viral, it’s not going to give you the results that you’re looking for. It’s way better to build these strategies in a more sustainable fashion.

Okay, so we’re consistently making offers, you’re gonna get in front of new audiences. And the third thing, be consistent. Just whatever you’re doing, there’s so many different platforms out there so many different options. And we talk about like finding what works for you, and what’s most important.

And speaking to your skill set, we talk about that inside the academy, because like, you, helping you make more money is part of my job, okay. But you have whatever you pick, you have to be consistent. For example, I know that when I do these live trainings, this is the best. Best return for me best returns on my investment, it helps you get to know me best.

Learn, and be able to make the decision about whether or not this is right for you. But if I didn’t stick with them, when he was showing up, I remember the first time in a training camp, we’re going confessional time, right?

Confession Time: Webinar Trials and Triumphs

The first time I did a live webinar type training was my mom and my VA were the only two people that were on the training at the time live. And I think it was my daughter, something happened and I didn’t have somebody to watch the kids. So, it was one of those like, just please go behave in the other room. If you go behave, I’ll give you a reward. And we’re done.

Well, it was like evening, which if you’re a mom, you know like that five to seven o’clock time is like just don’t try and plant stuff during that time without help. Because it can be a really rough time. I don’t know what time of day hungriness, I’m sure somebody’s going to tell me like what the reasoning is behind this, but like, don’t play and stuff.

That was when I’m playing the webinar didn’t have help with the kids. My mom and my VA were the only ones that were on live. And my daughter essentially like screamed, and they fought the entire time, just on the other side of the wall in. I guess the walls aren’t like that thick.

The Power of Persistence and Adaptation

You know, we get here the whole time. It was awful. I did everything; I held it together. I didn’t like lose it. It was so not the way that I wanted to go. That recording is still available somewhere. I still have it actually. But if I hadn’t done this consistently, I wouldn’t have seen the results.

Sometimes we’ll be like, Okay, we did a five-day challenge. And that didn’t work. So let me do this. And that didn’t work either. So let me go try this. Instead of keeping to try the same thing like we need to.

We call it PDCA: Plan, Do, Check, and Adjust. What worked and what didn’t. But don’t just throw everything away. You have to try it consistently to improve your skills improve your craft, hone in on.

Okay, this didn’t work because I absolutely hated doing it, it was not possible for me to deliver on it. Or this didn’t work because of something else. There’s a key there, okay. But no matter what that third thing that you have to do, to be able to increase your revenue is be consistent. And not just be consistent with your launches, be consistent with emailing your email, be consistent with showing up on social media, it does not have to be every day. But your one time a week or two times a week or three times a week, whatever it is, or in your stories or publishing your own podcast.

The Path to Long-Term Success: Consistency

When you are consistent people see you consistently, you’re top of mind and they know that you are trustworthy. We cannot keep just having this like rabbit syndrome, I guess I don’t know what to call this that was like, we’re gonna run over here and then we’re gonna run over here and then we’re going to do this and then we’re gonna do that like it is just oh my goodness.

I know I’ve seen I’ve had acquaintances that it feels like every single month they’re launching something different. Which is great if it’s worth working for you. But if you’re looking for that long term success, we gotta turn on that consistency badge. It’s not sexy. But it works.

Alright, so today we talked about three key things you have to do to increase your revenue without sacrificing your time with your family and your precious sleep because sleep is important. All right, they were you have to consistently make offers. This can be evergreen, this can be live this should be a combination of the both.

Your Path to Financial Growth: Cashflow Unlocked Workshop

You have to get in front of new audiences. You have to be consistent no matter what, what you’re doing, keep doing it consistently. That is why the accountability and the support is so key inside the academy. But this is just scratching the surface of what we’re going to get into inside the Cashflow Unlocked workshop.

So, if you are not already registered to be like one of the first ones like registered on the waitlist, all you have to do is click the link in the show notes it’s going to pre-populate from your phone, it’s going to pre-populate the link for you. With the text message just hit send, it’ll get you on the waitlist.

So, you’re all set. You’ll be one of the first ones now as soon as that is available. Your challenge for today besides getting on the waitlist, I want to hear what your biggest takeaway was from today’s episode. So, the message on Instagram can’t wait to hear from you @aimeecerka that’s it for now. We’ll see you next time.

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