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It’s Not About The Money Ep. 85

Feel like you’re not money motivated?

In today’s episode, let’s shift our focus from finances to something deeper -making a meaningful impact that goes beyond monetary contributions. So, here we go!

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Wondering What’s Next?

Podcast Key Points:

0:00 – Episode Overview
1:12 – Not Money Motivated
2:53 – Redefining Money And What It Actually Is
6:01 – Solving The Money Problem To Make A Bigger Impact
7:19 – Recap

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Is It Really About the Money?

But Aimee, it’s not about the money.

Have you ever said that? Like do not worry. I’m not a money motivated person. I’m not somebody that’s concerned about that. You don’t understand, that’s not me. I’m not worried about the money.

Which, if you’re listening to this podcast, you probably have a little bit of awareness of like how we need to actually work on this. But today, we’re going to talk about if it’s not about the money. So here we go!

Welcome to the Your Money Your Life podcast. I’m your host, Aimee Cerka. After over 10 years in the personal finance industry, and multiple personal financial and medical crisis, I was fed up with the lies that are being shouted from the rooftops by the Guru’s and the media. If you’re ready to eliminate fear, stress, struggle, frustration and guilt, from your finances and all the areas they affect. You’re in the right place. Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here.

Exploring Money and Motivation

All right, welcome back, we are talking about money. Surprisingly, right. You know, your money your life, but one is it’s not about the money. Okay. Some of us feel like we’re not money motivated, more much more feminism. I’ve heard it. And we’re not into like the technical numbers, and that’s too masculine and all the things like, we can get to that in a second.

But we’re going to start at a much higher level of I guess, today, there are two main ways that you can make impact, and it boils down to these two- Time, Money. Guess which one we don’t get any more time, right? The way to leverage your legacy, your impact is done through your money. If it wasn’t about the money, those who are doing amazing callings.

These can be like missionaries that are focused on like outreach and helping others; these things. What do they have to do? They have to fundraise, right? So can I have had the money to use the time, you need to be able to take care of yourself, have a roof over your head. You can be like, well, I could be homeless, or I’m trusting God to provide in so many different ways.

Money as an Energetic Exchange

Like you can say these things. But at the root, there is still money needed to take care of things. Yes, there can be other ways that this shows up. It might not necessarily be your money all the time. But it’s somebody’s money.

So which part we call it your money your life again, right? We’re creating the life that we love, the life that you your life, your dream life, this is what you’re working towards.

And if you want to be able to give back. That is fantastic. I think that we all should be giving back in some form or fashion. I think we’re all called to be bigger blessings, does the blessing always necessarily look like handing a physical dollar over? Not at all.

There can be other ways to work with people. And that can be with your time, there can be other exchanges, which we think of money a lot of times is like the currency money, but that’s not really money. Money is much more vibrational, like it’s an exchange of goods.

We’ve just kind of called it money and think of like dollars and cents. And that’s not actually what it is like, if I’m giving you food that is a form of money. That’s that energetic exchange is still there.

Overcoming Money Mindset Challenges

So if we’re saying it’s not about the money, then what do we say? Like, we don’t want to leverage the impact. We don’t want to prioritize. And often we don’t want to feel like oh, you know, we love money.

And because we’ve all heard, you know, the love of all money is evil, love of money is evil. I’m going blank on the exact like, actual quote here, but prioritizing and working to be a bigger blessing.

That’s not idolizing money. Like you can do more work and you can do more good without being obsessed over. Actually, it’s also been proven the more money you have, the less you think about it. So you had time to do the other things that are actually more important to you.

When you’re not sitting there like obsessing over every little thing because there’s not enough there.

Sharing and Blessing Others

And then we got it and we don’t want to share it didn’t like that. It leads to home. This is why we talk about wealth Wednesday and we talked about getting back more. This is why we had those conversations is because it’s important to give and to bless others and be willing to release it and we will willing to let go and not caught up in those things.

But money is so much more than just dollars and cents, that energetic vibration is there, their stories in our world in there and the feelings that we have with it. And until we can handle that objectively like, we’re just going to be on a roller coaster to like in a loop. Because we’re not going to learn and to move forward to learn to the next get to the next level to create that bigger blessing, that bigger benefit if we haven’t figured out the money.

Striking a Balance

So this was a little bit more of a little bit of a different episode this week. All right, yeah, let me know if you like this one or not, because this was more about like, less tactile, more like vision.

It’s not that it’s about the money, like it doesn’t all have to be about the money. But really, it is all about the money. But when you make it not, when you focus on the money, it becomes it. It’s not about the money. And it’s not a worry, not a focus, and you’re able to go make more of an impact.

But if you start at a base level, not managing your money, not knowing more about your money, not handling these things. But putting it off, I don’t have the money to do this, or I’m just trying to hit this income goal.

And then I’ll be at the place where it’s there, I’m not ready for it yet. I’m not to the point where it matters yet, then we’re just backtracking, we’re setting ourselves up, back.

Taking Control of Your Finances

Because when you manage your money, I’ll say it correctly, then you move forward, then you create the bigger impact, then you’re not worried about the money, then you’re not stressed about it.

Because you know what the systems handling it for you, it’s got your back, it doesn’t matter. And you’re able to show up and make the impact, whether that’s through your business, whether that’s giving you your time and driving and donating your time to take care of the homeless or whatever need is close and dear to your heart. When you do those things and show up in that manner, then you’re set up for success.

And that’s like, that’s the sweet spot. When you understand like, it’s not about the money, but it is about the money at the same time.

Take Action to Transform Your Finances

All right, we talked about two main ways to create impact, lasting impact, time and money. And your time was the one that’s not renewable, we don’t have endless amounts of time.

We have to leverage our time. And the best way to do that is to leverage your money so that your money can go and create that legendary impact for you that you’re you feel called to make you have that passion in your heart to move forward because of that.

And then we talked about like, you know, missionary still have to fundraise because the money still matters. Even if you go with your time you still need the money. You know, how powerful this is like sidenote I don’t think I mentioned this, know how powerful it would be to be able to go into the mission field and not have to fundraise because you have systematized income coming in then it’s really not about the money and you’re able to go spend your time doing what you do.

There’s even like more time available and then because you took care of the money you’re able to be a bigger blessing. All right. Your challenge for today I want to hear a little bit of a different episode let me know if you like the feel of it. Yeah, we’re gonna leave it at that alright, send me a message on Instagram @aimeecerka or shoot me a text 817-969-4653. We’ll see you next time. Bye for now

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