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Money Causing Relationship Problems?

Do your finances cause stress in your relationship?

You’re probably aware that over 40% of marriages that end – end due to financial strain/stress.

Which is just unfortunate.

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

Could it be possible that there were strategies you can implement regardless of income level to bring back that marital bliss?

I’m sharing the top 3 strategies you need to bring that loving feeling back without the fights and stress

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YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Make sure to have blow money accounts set up for both you and your spouse. Then make sure to grab the Budget Makeover Guide to find the extra you already have so you can have more money to spend the way you want!

Want to see what it would be like to master your money? Or what tools for success I recommend? Head over to the Resources Tab!

Read It! Money Causing Relationship Problems?

Are you tired of fighting with your spouse about money?

Is it a constant tension for you in the home in the marriage money?

So what can you do?

Before we dive into the three strategies that you can use to get you back on the road to marital bliss. Let me introduce myself. So my name is Aimee Cerka if we haven’t met before I am the Money Confidence Coach and founder of Money Masters Inner Circle so I help you to master their money by creating confidence in their ability to solve the money problem so they can stop living paycheck to paycheck, and instead create options security and build wealth.

Now, a quick thing that’s come up a couple of times so creating financial security is not just making more income, there’s way more to it than that. And it’s kind of important to make sure we get it right.

Number one is going to be to have a money management system. Now, money management system is different than just having a budget. So the budget is the, is one of the steps for the money management system but it’s so much more than that because it’s the ability to have your money go in a designated place. But we also have to be smart with our money at the same time and that’s where a lot of people feel that a budget can limit them, but it’s not. So having a money management system in place so that there is not one spouse (because typically one spouse is a saver one spouse is a spender.)

A lot of the fights stems from that because one is typically trying to save more and when one wants to spend and we’ll get on, we’ll get to how to work through that here in a minute but when you have a money management system, it is not she’s telling you, no, or he’s telling you no, it’s the system in place and we have to agree upon it together. That is something that we do work to set up in my Financial Foundations’ program, but we need to have a system of some sort, and if you’re stuck with that.

That’s the thing that we have to work on, we have to allow the process to happen, but set it up so that it’s simple so it’s not taking that brainpower. So, again number one was having a money management system yes a budget is included in that but it’s so much more than that, having that money management system allows you not to feel like your spouse is telling you, no or you having to tell your spouse no, and it’s the system that is the boss, really.

Then strategy number two is to have what we call a blow money account. So, the strategies that I teach inside the money management system you need to have a certain percentage of your income allotted for play is what we call it. So, inside that play percentage is going to be included you’re eating out as a family so I call that one dining out. But importantly, you also have to have your his money to blow and her money to blow. So those are specific amounts in a month or specific percentages of your income that are set up that you get to spend.

That your spouse doesn’t need to know what you’re spending it on. but you don’t get more than that, you specifically spend what you need to on whatever you want, it’s your money. So, if you want to go out to eat. You can go out to eat, if you want to save it and buy something bigger than save it buy something bigger if you want to go blow it on something, it’s your money and whatever money is in that account, your spouse is not allowed to judge or harp, or get upset or anything about what you spend because it is specifically your money.

You might be thinking, how do we make sure that we don’t spend more women are allotted amount because that’s a true problem right? How many times if you look back and you’ve been spinning and then it’s like, whoops, like, I spent way more than I was supposed to.

There are checks and balances that we can put in place, especially if you put together what I call a money minute, really simple to do, it’s something that you do daily to make sure that you’re staying on top of your finances, but basically what we need to do to make sure that we are not spending more than we’re supposed to, in our blow money is going to be strategy number three. So with your blow money account, we need to put it somewhere that, again, the other spouse can’t be mad about what you’re spending on, but we also need to make sure that we’re not spending more than we’re supposed to.

If we’ve talked before you know that I recommend having your savings account at a separate bank, because you will actually save more, but it’s gonna be the same principle for your blow money, but this one just has to be a separate account. Now don’t put it at the same bank that your savings account is at because we don’t need you transferring out of your savings into your blow money, that’ll cause fights.

So, depending on the bank you use some credit unions I think do limit you on how many checking accounts you can open. And if they do have limits. Use another bank, there are several different options, and a lot of the credit unions, do not charge the fees for not having direct deposit because it’s your blow money account, you’re not going to have direct deposit.

How do you get the money there? To start off with, you can do a cash deposit so it’s available right away when you deposit cash there’s not a holding period on that, it’s available right away. You can set up external transfers if it’s at a different bank. It’ll take a couple of business days but once you create that system, then you’re going to be spending the money from the week before while this paycheck is processing. Just put in a little memo like blow money for whatever pay period.

Bonus tip, we need to do this on payday. Because if we don’t do it on payday what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna be out and you’re like well I don’t have my blood money yet, I just want to go get something from this and then you spend money from your primary checking account, and it leads to the whoops, we spent to much again. So, we need to set up these three strategies in place so that we can stop fighting with our spouse about money and if money is tight, or blow money don’t have to be a whole lot we need to make sure that it’s a reasonable within what the goals are for your family and what you can actually afford.

That’s where the budget sometimes can feel like it’s limiting you, but it’s not because there’s so many solutions on where your money goes. It just depends on what your financial priorities are right now.

If you’re just living in the moment, then yeah you can have more money for your blow money and more for the fun, and you’re not putting as much towards the savings, but you’re in a moment where you’re trying to save a lot you’ve got a trip that you’re trying to fund or some debt that you want to pay off, which I don’t recommend doing this long term because it’s not sustainable long term we have to be able to enjoy our money we have to be able to create that positive association and that’s why that play account is so important. Let’s go ahead and recap.

Our three strategies to get you back on the road to marital bliss and stop fighting with your spouse.

  1. Put a money management system in place this is not just a budget it’s a money management system.
  2. Make sure that you have his money to blow and her money to blow funds we need to make sure that they are separate. And your spouse cannot judge what you’re spending money on because it is your money.
  3. Ensure that the blow money accounts were put in a separate account, it can be at a separate bank. Don’t put it with your savings account. But put it somewhere in a separate place so you cannot spend more than that.

You can remove overdraft on those accounts to prevent you from spending too much, otherwise, you’re just gonna have to keep track of it and the daily money minute is really gonna help you to do that. so we can set that up so that your money management system is going to work for you, you can do cash if you don’t want to do the account.

Then you’re just pulling out the cash and then you have the money to blow. I know right now it’s gonna be a little bit more difficult but my husband’s blow money is still mostly cash. I keep a little bit for him in the account. In case we forget to pull out cash for him like we did this last time when he was home, but it’s just a little bit easier to spend that way, but you do have to be careful because some people are not accepting cash right now.

Those are our three strategies to stop fighting about finances and get you back on the road to marital bliss. Now, if you’re thinking like, okay, that’s great and all but there is not enough money, then you need the Budget Makeover Guide. So what the Budget Makeover Guide does is that is the guide that I have designed to help you find the extra that’s hiding in your existing personal finances. Starting today, it’s no additional income required we’re not trying to increase your income

This is money you already have that’s just waiting to be found. Now the average person finds about $250, every single month. That’s just hiding in their finances. So what would $250 a month, do for you? It’d be a lot more fun to put it in the money or set it aside for date night.

Real quick though. Dining out, which is going to be like family events and date night, don’t come out of your blow money unless somebody is wanting to do something extra with their blow money. Those would be separate categories within your budget and your money management system.

So, if you are thinking yeah I need to be saving more, I need to find that money that’s hiding in my existing finances. Visit

Let’s see questions. Okay, so what if there are too many bills have a blow account. It is important that we have to have a blow account, a blow money account. We can make it happen. You just won’t have as much money in that account. So if you’re eating out like Kerry I know that you’re a trucker too. I know that you’re eating out already in the truck that money should be from the blow money account because we can set stuff up to cook in the truck and that wouldn’t come out of your money that would be groceries from Walmart or wherever you’re shopping, but we need to have the blow money accounts, because, especially if we are stuck in a financial position that is frustrating that we are not in a position where we are paying our bills comfortably.

We need to create that positive money association. Now it doesn’t have to be a whole lot of money, but it needs to be something so that you can start to program where you are able to create that positive association that when you have more money, you’re going to be able to do more fun stuff. Then we create a plan to be able to get you back on track with the bills so that you were caught up and where you need to be. And it’s definitely manageable it’s not an overnight thing but we didn’t get to the position where we are in our finances overnight. It is the journey that we take, so create the blow account.

If we need to start with a lower amount, start with a lower amount or pull the cash out if you don’t want to create a separate account yet, but make sure that you’re creating that positive association that you have the money and that you can spend it and it’s also going to eliminate some of the tension in the marriage. So again, if you’re looking to find the extra or you’re wanting to find the extra that is just waiting to be found in your finances, visit and grab the Budget Makeover Guide, and we will see you later. Bye for now.

YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Make sure to have blow money accounts set up for both you and your spouse. Then make sure to grab the Budget Makeover Guide to find the extra you already have so you can have more money to spend the way you want!

Want to see what it would be like to master your money? Or what tools for success I recommend? Head over to the Resources Tab!

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