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Must Do Things When Managing Money

Are you just busy? You know your finances are important but it feels like just one more thing to do…

When you’re juggling your household, your business the finances within both something has to give, right!?

Let’s talk through the must do things when you’re managing your money.

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Podcast Key Points

0:00 – Episode Overview
1:40 – Prioritizing Your Money
3:18 – Outsourcing Your Money
3:30 – Sponsorship Cashflow Unlocked Workshop
6:11 – Must Have With Expenses
6:33 – Income Must Have
6:56 – Double Checking Work / Reconciliation
8:41 – Scalable System
9:56 – Taking Action With Your Money

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Sharing is caring!

Aimee Cerka
Aimee Cerka

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