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I’m sorry I’ve been absent this past month and I thought I’d explain why! As some of you know we were expecting a baby end of June. 😃 With me, that means later than that (I tend to go overdue – with my first I was induced at 39 weeks and 4 days and my second was born at 41 weeks and 5 days)

Well, our daughter made her appearance on July 4th, we are guessing she wanted to make sure she always got fireworks for her birthday! So I would like to introduce Brooklynn Cerka!


Everyone is doing well. Her big brothers both are sweet and adoring already making sure she’s taken care of. I expected as much from our oldest since he was an awesome big brother from day 1 and was super excited for his sister to arrive. He would tell anyone and everyone about his sister coming! My now middle child I wasn’t so sure about. He was the baby and thought the world revolved around him. He’s handled it great though! He looked confused when he first met her but has been extremely curious about “baby”. Now he makes sure I’m taking care of her by pointing out if she spits up, making sure she’s in the car when we are leaving, trying to comfort and alerting me when she’s crying. He also loves to ‘hold’ his sister!


Birth Story

I was experiencing prodromal labor (AGAIN, I had this with my now middle child as well). I’ll explain what prodromal labor is – your body is basically is in labor but it’s not progressing to the baby being born. So, I had contractions that were 5-10 minutes apart all day on the 1st of July and off and on for the 2nd and 3rd. I was woken up by contractions about 6:30 on the 4th and was excited because for me what always stops the contractions is going to sleep. Well, the contractions were about 10 minutes apart for 3 hours, then they were just once an hour or so. We went about our day which involved going to the store about that time they picked up again. It was about 1 pm and they were about 5 minutes apart, after about an hour I let my midwife know but again we didn’t know if this was real or not. Contractions continued, picking up the intensity. We were planning on going to see fireworks as a family (my mom, stepdad, and brother were over as well) but I decided that I couldn’t handle going. So, my husband stayed with me and we kept Wyatt our youngest and sent Will to fireworks with the others. I had called my midwife again and she was planning on coming by in about an hour. Well about 10:34 my water broke, we called the midwife to let her know and called my Mom (who was supposed to be support) to let her know we need her here. Immediately after that, I got up from where I had been laboring (in the living room) walked to my room.

Now if you’ve never had a birth without pain meds I’ll have to explain that when it’s time to push, you know. It’s this feeling that overtakes you and it is basically impossible not to push at that point. Since I had my last child naturally I knew this. Once I walked into my room, I realized it was time to push. Just a couple pushes later she was born at 10:44. We had planned a home birth but not unassisted 😃

For those Moms out there or really Moms to be I would strongly encourage you to check out “The Business of Being Born” and look into the different options of care that are available that way you can pick what works best for you!

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Sharing is caring!

Aimee Cerka
Aimee Cerka

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