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The secret to financial success is to learn from your mistakes and keep striving to do better. We believe failure is the best teacher, well one of them. Unfortunately, our self-consciousness takes failure seriously and it’s a bad thing. As a result, we end up being afraid of money. I’ll shine some light on how it shows up if you are afraid of money and what you can do to fix it.

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Podcast Key Points
0:00 – Episode Overview
2:05 – Episode Sponsorship – Money Mindset Mastery Checklist
3:05 – 1 Key Question If You’re Afraid of Money
5:37 – What Do You Do About It
8:25 – Challenge – What Did You Write On The 3rd Sheet Paper?

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Overcoming Fear of Money

The secret to financial success is to learn from your mistakes and keep striving to do better. We believe failure is the best teacher. Well, one of them.

Unfortunately, our self conscious takes failure seriously, and that it’s a bad thing. The result, we ended up being afraid of money, which sucks, especially since most of the time you aren’t even aware that you’re acting afraid of money.

In today’s episode, I’m going to shine some light on how it shows up. If you are afraid of money and what you can do to actually fix it.

This is the Your Money Your Life podcast where ambitious women come together to have clarity prosperity and confidence with their money without sacrificing precious time and well deserved fun. So let’s do this!

Welcome to the Your Money Your Life podcast. I’m your host, Aimee Cerka. After my husband and I faced three major financial roadblocks in the last six years. I felt like I wasn’t doing all that I could and I had let my family down.

It always felt like life was a struggle, like I had to work harder than everyone else. It just came easy to them. And I didn’t feel worthy of success, until a coach helped me see the successes in our experiences instead of our failures.

This allowed me to create and implement systems to grow our net worth by 200,000. Plus, while spending time with my loved ones and on my priorities. Now I help motivated women create the happiness, family life, financial security, and long term wealth they deserve.

If you’re ready to eliminate stress, struggle, frustration and guilt within your finances, you’re in the right place. Welcome I’m so glad you’re here.

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Welcome back to another episode of the Your Money Your Life podcast. I’m your host, Aimee Cerka. We are talking about how to stop being afraid of money today.

Understanding the Fear

So I’ve got one question for you. That’s a really key indicator. If you are actually afraid of money, you’re ready for this?

How do you feel about checking your bank account? What emotions come up? Do you feel pain somewhere? Is there a headache? Do you fear, anxiety?

And this doesn’t even matter what’s actually going on in the bank account. But if I tell you to go check your bank account right now, what comes up? Do you avoid checking it? Because you don’t want to know? Do you avoid checking it because you know the bills are paid? That’s fine.

Do you avoid checking it in the finances because it’s complicated? And they, whoever they might be your spouse most likely, they handle it what comes up for you now there is that’s probably the main one but the other ways this shows up as well. Is how do you feel when you go to pay a bill?

You know I’m in Texas and it’s pretty hot here in the summer. Electricity bills get kind of high. So how do you feel when you go to pay that really high bill? Whatever it might be? You’re not in the hot Texas he might not be your electricity bill.

What about taxes and the IRS? Do you have like anxiety fear the headaches the pains when emotion comes up for you? We talk about that we talk about paying taxes. Can you feel joy and happiness about those things? Yeah, you actually can.

Your Money Mindset Matters

And if that fear of money and freedom of money is how I’m kind of phrasing it today, if you have that, if it’s showing up. And I think if we’re all transparent, to some degree, I think one of those, you feel it a little bit. Now, what you do about it, is what we’re talking about him.

So I want you to have three sheets of paper. Now, obviously, if you’re driving while you’re listening to this, or doing the dishes or whatever, either take a mental note or grant, come back and listen to it again, we need three sheets of paper. Okay.

Sheet 1: Current Feelings

So on the first sheet, I want you to write out how you feel, thinking about your bank account. All right, those emotions that I talked about those questions that I had for you, whatever comes up, if you feel it, you know, in the pit of your stomach, if you feel it in your chest, and you can’t breathe, your lower back hurts, wherever that happens. Whatever’s going on, write that out for a sheet of paper, okay.

And if you can identify, like why you feel that way, if there is a story, a memory, a flashback, something pops up for you, and you’re like, that’s why write that down on the first sheet of paper.

Sheet 2: Desired Feelings

And then the second sheet of paper, I want you to write how you want to feel. Might sound a little crazy to say that you want to feel joy, and happiness about paying a tax bill or paying a bill in general. But you can.

And the reason that we want that is because you know, we’ve talked about that money has lifted vibration to it. And when we have that positive relationship with money, and we’re grateful for it, we have gratitude about your finances, and the money, like you bring more to you. So you want to feel that joy in that abundance and that gratitude because you have the ability to pay that bill and that is what I want you to write second page.

So how you want to feel: I want to feel joy, I want to feel abundant, I want to feel grateful, I want to feel happiness when I pay my bills.

Sheet 3: Affirming Change

And then finally, on the third sheet of paper, I want you to write I am joyful when I’m looking at my bank account. I am abundant. I feel abundant. When I pay the tax bill, I feel gratitude when I check my bank account, I feel happiness when I take care of the bills.

So on the third sheet of paper, we’re writing it as if it’s there, we’ve it’s arrived. So first sheet, how we’re feeling currently, the second sheet how we want to feel, the third sheet you are you are joyful, you are grateful you are happy when it comes to looking at your bank account or paying the bill whatever it might be.

Take Action Today

So your challenge for today I want you to send me a message on Instagram and let me know what did you write on the third sheet of paper. And as a bonus, if this was shocking to you, I want to hear that as well because so many of us especially in the personal development space. Think that we have, myself included, in this like we’ve got a handle on things and then all of a sudden this like next layer opens up and you’re like “oh my goodness, I still have so much work to do.

So send me a message on Instagram @aimeecerka I can’t wait to hear and if you want support with this remember to go check out the Breakthrough Intensive Session, Links in the show notes as well and we’ll see you next week on the Your Money Your Life podcast. Bye for now.

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Aimee Cerka
Aimee Cerka

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