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Ep. 137 – Cash Clarity: What Do You Need To Do Daily With Your Money

In this episode, let’s take simple action steps you need to take every day with your money to see success and growth. Let’s break down the two basic things you need to do: check your bank account and then visualize what you’re working towards. So, here we go!

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What Do You Need To Do Daily With Your Money

This is the Your Money Your Life podcast, Cash Clarity Edition, where you get a micro money tip so you can get the money when in five minutes or less. I’m your host, Aimee Cerka.

After over 10 years in the personal finance industry, and multiple personal financial and medical crisis, I was fed up with the lies that are being shouted from the rooftops, by the Gurus and the media. So now I make money simple so that you have the confidence that you need to, to handle the money thing without sacrificing your lifestyle. If you’re a female entrepreneur who wants to make more money and are ready to eliminate fear, stress, struggle, frustration and guilt, from your finances, in all the areas that they affect. You’re in the right place. Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here.

The Power of Daily Money Habits

What are the action steps you need to take every single day with your money to see success? Both a growth mindset growth and your net worth growth of the bank account? All the things?

What do you need to do? It’s really simple. And I’ll tell you what, if we haven’t met yet, my name is Aimee Cerka, your go-to money confidence coach for making money simple with straight to the point strategies all so you can make more money in less time. So what are those action steps?

Your Daily Money Minute Routine

What do you need to do on a daily basis with your money to see success and growth, abundance, prosperity and all the places? First off, before I give you the step by steps, what you actually need to do, I want to make sure we’re clear. When I say every day, I don’t literally mean seven days a week, I want you to take a minimum one day off, really, if you’re doing this Monday through Friday, you’re doing pretty good.

I try and do the six days a week. But absolutely, I want to make sure that you’re taking one day off, to rest to take care of yourself to do those things to walk away recharge, okay. We’ve got that out of the way. I call this your Daily Money Minute.

Task 1 – Check Your Bank Account

And at its basic foundation, you’ve got to do two things, okay? I want you to log in, look at your bank account, doesn’t matter what it says. Whatever it is, look at the bank account. And then immediately go look at whatever the thing is that you’re working towards.

Maybe you want to buy a new vehicle, maybe you want to have a new property, maybe you want to take a vacation, whatever the next thing is for you. Maybe you’re hiring a housekeeper something, whatever that thing is that you’re working towards right now. The next thing that you want to achieve, go look at that, okay, immediately after, because it doesn’t matter what is actually in the bank account, we’re tying that to the association that you’re going to get what you’re working towards.

Utilizing Budgeting Software

Now, ideally, when you do this, you could check the bank account, what I ended up doing most of the time is this is when I check YNAB. That’s the budgeting software I use, it’s called you need a budget. I’ll put an affiliate link below if you want to check them out.

It’s like a free 32 day trial. They’re one of the top budgeting software’s that I love and use. But regardless, hopefully you have that budgeting software in place.

Quick check-in. Approve transactions, you catch fraud faster with this step, because you’re staying on top of it. And it’s not about like freaking out, or what’s what is or isn’t in the bank account.

We’re training ourselves just to look at the numbers. It’s simply what it is. They’re just numbers, no emotion attached, right.

So check in with YNAB, whatever budgeting software you’re using, or check into the bank account, log into the bank account, you can do both just looking at the balance, then go visualize what it is you’re working on. It’ll take like 60 seconds, 90 seconds. That’s why it’s a Daily Money Minute.

Task 2 – Cultivate Positive Habits

A couple other things that I recommend for clients to add in like you can depending on where you’re at, and the phases of life that you’re in the things that you’re going through. Sometimes I do this in the morning, sometimes I do this later in the afternoon doesn’t really matter. Whatever works for you making a priority to do these things.

But journaling, especially if you are going through a bit of a roller coaster with you know life, business, money, all those things, start journaling. Write down those feelings, those thoughts, those emotions, what’s coming up for you. Having a gratitude list, writing down 10 things that you’re thankful for each and every day.

Be intentional about it be specific. I write these down in my journal, but we also do an exercise at the dinner table with my kids where they have to tell me three things that they’re thankful for every day.

And then we talk the 16-month old. Yes, she’s still 16 months, the 16 month old we will talk as a family what we think she’s thankful for that day, which is always a fun conversation, because it really gets her siblings thinking.

Celebrate Small Wins, Ignite Big Success

And then the third thing is a celebration list writing down at the end of the day five things that you’re celebrating that you did accomplish because as high achievers overachievers. We tend to rush past all that we’ve accomplished and discounted, and your celebration list of five things that you achieve. Even if it’s a rough day you know taking a shower can make it you know the kids ate whatever it might be.

But finding five things to celebrate is so key and so helpful when it comes to your mindset. We up level your vibration there. With the journaling, the gratitude and celebration list. It helps with all the mindset or work we’re doing with in our Daily Money Minute.

All right. That’s what you got to do on a daily basis with your money. I do have like a step-by-step checklist for you. Or for my Money Mastery Academy members that is included. If you want to fill on that just drop Academy below and I’ll make sure to get that to you. We’ll see you next time. Bye for now.

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Aimee Cerka
Aimee Cerka

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