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What Happens When You Wait To Plan For Cash Flow – Ep. 124

Are you struggling to create a solid plan for cash flow in your business? In this episode, let’s talk about the importance of planning for cash flow in your business regardless of your current revenue, and how a simple system will guide you in taking control of your finances and smashing those income goals. So, here we go!

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What Happens When You Wait To Plan For Cash Flow

What happens when you wait to plan for cash flow in your business? Recently, I was having a conversation on Instagram. And we were talking about the Cash Flow Calculator, which we’re going to talk about more on Thursday. So make sure you stay tuned for that one.

But the comment she made was, it just take a little time because I’m actually building my business up from the ground, I guess finances come at the end, when it’s all set up to generate some cash flow. I guess like I’m not an expert of that. That was the message. And I want to talk about today what I told her and what happens when you wait to plan for cash flow. So here we go.

This is the Your Money Your Life podcast. I’m your host, Aimee Cerka, a money confidence coach for female entrepreneurs on the path to six figures. After over 10 years in the personal finance industry and multiple personal financial and medical crisis.

I was fed up with the lies that are being shouted from the rooftops by the Gurus and the media. So now I help you simplify, solidify and scale your money. By blending tactile money strategies with mindset work, you can create unstoppable finances together, you’ll finally figure out the money thing.

So you can make more money in less time without living off of beans and rice, or sacrificing your lifestyle. Episodes here on the podcast are short and sweet. Being married, having four kids at home, homeschooling being the CEO running the household, I’m kind of busy. And I know you are too. So let’s keep it simple and get to the point. Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here.

Why Plan for Cash Flow

Welcome back to another episode of the Your Money, Your Life podcast. I’m your host, Aimee Cerka. We are talking today about what happens when you wait to plan for cash flow.

So first off, you heard in the intro, the conversation that I had with somebody on Instagram that sparked all of this. So if you’re listening to this episode, because we talked about the podcast, first of all, I want to like congratulate you for acknowledging the fact that you might not you might be off in the stock price thought process that you aren’t the expert when it comes to this specific area.

Because that moment was what opened the door to be able to make this shift and this reframe for you. And I’m super excited to see what happens from this conversation that we had. Okay.

And secondly, like, it’s a common perspective, it’s a lot of what we talked about. And this is why I end up spending so much time focusing on cashflow and the things to do to create cash flow, because this is what we feel is going to get us the thing that we’re looking for. But in reality, it’s not the thing that’s going to give us the cash flow that we’re looking for.

We’re not the only thing. There’s many multiple pieces, okay? What we find is when you when you’re set up for success at the beginning, like at that foundational level, so if you’re not set up for success now and you’ve been in business for years, you know, it’s not too late. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second second best time is now so like do the work now to set yourself up for success.

The Importance of Foundations

But if you’re at the beginning, this is the best time to set yourself up for success at that foundational level. And here’s why. Because when you do make the money, you’re going to know what to do with it.

So you make money faster, because at a subconscious level. If you’re not set up for success, and you’re just kind of like figuring it out as you go along. You don’t have a plan in place for what you’ll do with the money. You don’t know how much money you really need.

You’ve kind of set that six figure goal because everyone talks about making six figures. Do you even need six figures? Six figures? Not enough? Hello, we’ve seen inflation? Where are you at?

If you don’t know these things, you don’t know what’s going on. You don’t know how to plan for taxes, you don’t know how to expense things, keep up with your books, all those things that have to happen as you make that income. If you’re not prepared for it, you will subconsciously self sabotage yourself from actually making that income.

The Cash Flow Calculator

So the Cash Flow Calculator that she grabbed, which is what we’re talking about, is the first thing that have you do inside the Money Mastery, inside Money Mastery Academy, because we have to know where you’re already doing the work and what you actually need to work on. So that you’re doing the right work, okay.

You don’t necessarily need to do all the things is not more work. Like there are shortcuts okay. Take the shortcut with the Cash Flow Calculator. Let’s see.

Avoiding the Numbers

So we talked about the mindset and how like you will self sabotage because of the mindset but you also if you don’t plan for the cashflow, and you’re doing this by like a whole “Getting the numbers” because you know they’re boring, you don’t like them hurt all of these things. You’re not going to know again where you’re at and where you need to go. So when we plan for cashflow, when we plan accordingly, like, prepare ourselves, for the things that we’re expecting, you’re going to see results.

So avoiding the numbers, because you don’t like them, you often end up working harder than you need to. And I don’t know about you like, I don’t really want to work harder than I need to like, just give me the shortcut, give me the thing that works like I’m going to do the work. But if it works, I’m not doing more, right.

If you want to check out the Cash Flow Calculator, the first thing we have you do inside Money Mastery Academy, I am giving you access, the link is going to be in the show notes below. Make sure to check it out, go through it because there’s a special link in there where I can review your results with you, which is what makes it so powerful for the Academy.

Simply Biz Workshop

But if you’re ready to just get to the point, then you should join me for this Simply Biz Workshop, I’m going to walk you through the process for Prosperity Simplified. That’s my signature business budgeting system to set you up for success in the beginning, regardless, if you are still investing into your business, or you’re paying yourself from your business or a combination of both.

This is why it’s so powerful. It’s a simple business budgeting system, you might have heard a profit first. And there’s nothing wrong with the Profit First system, it works and it works well.

But what I often find is it’s too complicated. Like you’re there as the coach, you’re there as the CEO, and you want to be in that role. You don’t want to be working at the numbers. And if you need a bookkeeper to sit here and tell you what to do, and all those things like it’s a lot.

Numbers Made Simple

So why not just have a simple business budgeting system that’s built off a percentage based budgeting just like Profit First because you know, all of my budgeting systems are based off of percentage based budgeting because it is the best way to budget just hands down, you will not be able to talk me out of that. So best way to budget percentage-based budgeting. But if we can do it simply and create a simple business budgeting system so that as you scale, as you increase your cash flow, you already have the things in place that you need to to continue to grow.

That’s going to be game changing for you. So I’m doing a live workshop, we’re going to walk through the whole process, simple business, Simply Biz Workshop, we’re working walking through the prosperity simplified system, we’re going to get it set up started for you. All the things you need to do to take action.

It’s only $27 link for that is in the show notes is happening live on January 18. You’re listening after the fact you can always check out the link. I haven’t decided if I’m offering the replay but you never know until you try right.

That’s what I’ve got for now. If you have questions, make sure to ask send me a message on Instagram. We’ll see you next time. Bye for now.

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Aimee Cerka
Aimee Cerka

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