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Copywriter Strategies You Need To Make More Writing Copy with Jenny Roth – Ep. 34

Do you think copywriters are like a sleazy car salesman? Or maybe you’re more like me and the stereotype that pops in your head is more librarian sitting at a desk somewhere… Well, today I’m joined by Jenny Roth an amazing copywriter as we pull back the curtain on what it takes to “make it” as a copywriter. The full interview can be found inside the Money Magnifier Toolkit but this was simply too good not to share so here’s an inside peek!

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Podcast Keypoints
0:00 – Intro
2:49 – Episode Sponsorship – Money Magnifier Toolkit
4:19 – Money Is Freedom
5:34 – Starting As A Copywriter
9:00 – Do You Have To Jump In Full Time
11:12 – Personality Traits To Be Successful Copywriting
13:30 – Quick Cash Infusion Ideas for Copywriters
17:44 – Tips – Resources For Organization And Time Management
19:08 – Mistakes You Would Avoid
20:56 – Misconceptions About Copywriting Industry
22:23 – If You Have A Knack For Writing, You Can Do This
23:05 – Free Gift – 15 Minute Email Sequence Masterclass
23:40 – Connect With Jenny Roth

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Read It! Copywriter Strategies You Need To Make More Writing Copy with Jenny Roth – Ep. 34

The Life of a Copywriter: Behind the Scenes with Jenny Roth

Do you think copywriters are like sleazy sales car salesmen? or maybe you’re more like me and the stereotype that popped in your head is more librarian sitting in a desk somewhere?

Well, today I’m joined by Jenny Roth, an amazing copywriter, and as we pull back the curtain on what it takes to make it as a copywriter. The full interview can be found inside the money magnifier toolkit, but this was simply too good not to share. So, here’s an inside peek.

Jenny Roth is a email and sales page copywriter for creative CEOs and coaches. She specialized is an joyful strategic copy that generates leads and welcomes your clients with open arms. Her mission is uncovering words that will resonate most with your clients so that you can have higher converting fundraising copy without spending hours upon hours at your keyboard to make it happen.

Jenny started her copywriting business back in 2014 working very part-time when her three daughters were small to going full-time now that her kids are all in school. When she isn’t writing you can find her hanging out with her husband and three daughters and beautiful windy South Dakota where they love to camp, swim in the Missouri River raise chickens, and ride bikes.

This is the Your Money Your Life podcast where ambitious women come together to have clarity, prosperity, and confidence with their money without sacrificing precious time and well-deserved fun. So, let’s do this!

Welcome to the Your Money Your Life podcast. I’m your host, Aimee Cerka

After my husband and I faced three major financial roadblocks in the last six years. I felt like I wasn’t doing all that I could and I had let my family down. It always felt like life was a struggle like I had to work harder than everyone else. It just came easy to them, and I didn’t feel worthy of success.

Until a coach helped me see the successes in our experiences instead of our failures. This allowed me to create and implement systems to grow our network by 200,000+ while spending time with my loved ones and on my priorities. Now I help motivated women create the happiness, family life, financial security, and long-term wealth they deserve.

If you’re ready to eliminate stress, struggle, frustration, and guilt within your finances, you’re in the right place. Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here!

This episode is a direct clip from the money magnifier toolkit. So time and time again, I’ve heard you say if I could just increase my income, then I will be set. So I’m brought together a group of experts in a variety of fields requiring different levels of expertise, time, environment, tools, etc. So that you can actually make more money.

Whether you’re scaling an existing stream of income or starting a new one, that you’ve wondered if it’ll actually work for you and your situation. These experts are pulling back the curtain and telling all inside the money magnifier toolkit. And you get to hear an exclusive clip from one of these interviews today.

To check out the full toolkit so that you can make more money to simply visit and of course, that link will hang out in the show notes for you in case you missed it.

The Meaning of “Your Money, Your Life”


Hi, Jenny! Welcome to the Money magnifier toolkit. I’m really frickin excited to be doing this with you so welcome.


Thank you. I’m really really excited to talk with you You and I have been in groups together before but I don’t know if we’ve ever gotten to just sit down and talk so it’s a treat for me to be here for you.


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing I was telling somebody earlier like okay like this is who this is I’m really excited about this conversation but I don’t think that we’ve done anything one on one yet. so I always like to start out, especially with the podcast is called your money your life. so, what does “your money, your life” mean to you?


I think it’s evolved for me over the years I mean, it really for me money is always though tied to freedom. Just having the freedom to like I remember when I started my business and like my kids were little we can talk about that later but I just wanted to have 200 extra dollars a month so I have three girls I just wanted to have that money. They were all in dance at this at this time. And not the not the cheapest thing your kids can be, I didn’t know that and so that I just remember just thinking, “Oh, if I could just have 200 more dollars a month, I would be free to put these, these kids in dance without having to like, cut the grocery budget or something like that.”

And so money to me, I mean, as cliche as it sounds, is, is freedom to not have to worry, like, that’s the ball is always going to drop somewhere, to not have to worry that you can’t do a wonderful opportunity that comes up, you know, for your life or your family. So, to me money is really tied with freedom.

Jenny’s Copywriting Journey


And I love that. So how did you get started? Did you actually start in the copywriting industry when you started your home business? And why don’t you tell us a little bit about that?


Yeah, so I’m a copywriter today for mostly coaches and online service providers and like the creative space, so photographers, designers, that kind of thing. And when I started this was back in 2014, I had three little girls, and we had them in four years. I like we looked back and we’re like, what, what was going on. And so we have these little girls, and I was a stay-at-home mom, to them, that was my main, you know role.

My husband’s a farmer and so, it was kind of like, he has really busy seasons, and we wanted at least, you know, one parent to be available for them, you know, as much as possible. And I was so excited to, to do that. And so, you know, I started when everyone was sleeping through the night. And I everyone was taking a nap, you know, I started to have like, as you know, Aimee, like these pockets in your day where you kind of think, “Okay, what am I going to do with this hour to have my, my life?”

You know, instead of like, I was I remember cleaning my house like, scrolling Facebook, and like that, then everyone would wake up from their nap. And I feel like I just didn’t do with that time I had something really meaningful that made a difference in my life. And that could help other people.

Balancing Motherhood and Copywriting

And so, I literally made a list, like what do I like to do? And I couldn’t remember like outside of motherhood. And so, at the top of that list was writing, I had went to school for Spanish, English, and anthropology, which is the study of people I always love to write for school. And so I thought, you know, maybe I could do that from home.

So I reached out and pitched to local magazines, at my area, became a writer for a community magazine, and then the editor for that magazine. And then, once I was doing that people would message me and say things like, “Oh, you write. I have this blog, I hate writing. Would you do that for me? Or I have this website and I don’t know what to say, Can you do that?”

And I would and I was like “sure”, like I knew enough about writing to be dangerous. But I didn’t know you know that this was copywriting. And so I started to figure this out and take classes and get certified as a copywriter and different things.

And it’s and I just loved it and it’s just snowballed to now. It’s what I do full time, my oldest girl is 13. My youngest is 9. And so they’re all in school. I have more time in my day. And so I just feel like I’m in this season now where yeah, this time pouring a lot into my business.


I love it. And I’m definitely with you on like the whole “when they’re sleeping through the night.” I actually, I started before that, but I remember being pregnant with, because it was my third and I would be up like late at night building my website before like issue was born because it was like, “Hey, let me like work on building my website because everybody’s sleeping.”

I like, I love have evolved for you is something that you were passionate about. Because so many mothers, we do forget, like, what we enjoyed to do, I think sometimes it changes as well. But we forget what we enjoyed to do before motherhood because it takes up so much of our life. So even like that little nugget there about going back to what you enjoyed. That was really key. So I hope everybody caught that

Building Your Copywriting Business


Is there a certain level of time commitment that you feel that somebody needs to be able to commit to being a copywriter to really be successful? Like maybe I guess on a weekly basis time that they would need to have available?


Yeah, I definitely think if you are all in on this or anything that yes, it’s gonna take time on your schedule every week. So I mean, I don’t think it’s something you have to jump in and feel like you need 15, 10, or 20 hours a week to dedicate to, if you don’t have that time if you still have you know if your kids are your main priority your family or your your nine to five, any of those things, you know, literally, I still do that.

So my business is my full time job and then I have evenings during the week like I talked about being a nerd with my calendar. I have like three or four evenings a week when my kids and my family are watching Wheel of Fortune and whatever they watch in the evenings for an hour, where I am doing my own education and copywriting.

So I’m still doing that, and I really think just a couple hours a week is really all you need. And obviously, if you put more into it, the faster just like anything, the faster it will grow. But I don’t feel like you have to jump into it and think you have to know everything or like, be great at every writing copy for every medium, that you can definitely start small, and start with whatever times available to you.


I love that. And I think, I was listening to a training that was done on a Friday evening. And he was like, we know y’all don’t have any life because you’re here like on a Friday night, but really like we, we nerd out over this stuff. And then like, especially when it’s something that you’re passionate about, like you enjoy doing it, it’s not necessarily as much of a, I mean, there’s never going to be 100% of like, We love everything in our business, obviously, we’re going to work towards outsourcing and having other people handle the stuff that we don’t love.

But I do think that we enjoy it more. And I think you know that there that consistency is probably more important than like having a ton of hours to commit to it. And I’ve also found, when you have less time, often we can get done the same amount because you feel that pressure on yourself to get done those things. So, any personality traits that you feel would be helpful to make it or ones that would be like that wouldn’t do so? Well?

Traits of a Successful Copywriter


Yeah, I love this question. And kind of what you were saying just before you asked me anything of this, too, it’s like, I feel like the only thing, to be a copywriter that you would really need is just that love for writing and, that creative process of writing and just, you know, if you love that for a hobby or you’ve always been told you’re good at that, or it’s just something that comes knack, you have a knack for writing the written word, I think that is that is it.

There’s so many different ways you know, that you can earn money being a copywriter. So you could build your own freelance business, yes, but there’s also plenty of companies if just do a LinkedIn search. There’s plenty of companies who are looking to hire copywriters on a full-time, part-time contract basis. And you can do that from home remotely, so and you know with that you wouldn’t have to forward face clients if you’re more introverted and don’t want to get on the call.

On the other hand, I know plenty of copywriters who do like, VIP days where they’re like on the phone with the client writing in real time, you know, they’re very, like, you know, that’s their personality. So you can put whatever spin on it that you want to I, whatever personality you have, definitely a love for writing, a knack for writing.

And if you’re going to go the freelance route, you know, building your own thing not working for a company, you’re going to have to reach out to people, right. You’re going to have to put yourself out there you’re going to have to partner with designers and marketing agencies. And, you know, if you write emails, funnel strategists, like you’re going to have to partner with people and put yourself out there and reach out to people so that’s something to think about too.

And that doesn’t mean you have to do like a live, you know, TikTok or whatever, but you are gonna have to, you know, talk to people. So yeah, I mean, I think that’s it though.


I think most everybody who said I’m not doing a Tiktok or I’m not doing a reel like that I know has ended up doing a Tiktok or a reel, and that’s why I laugh because there were so many of us are like, I’m not doing that. And then we’ve all kind of slowly jumped off the bandwagon.


I know.

Boosting Your Copywriting Income


So this series is geared around and increasing your income or increasing our income. So someone’s watching this, and maybe is already a copywriter. Do you have any suggestions on like quick cash infusions that would work really well for your business? Things that you love to do, or just things that you’ve seen work very well?


Yeah, so if you’re listening or watching this and you’re already a copywriter, some things that have really helped me to infuse more, cash into my business have been one have an application on your website that lists your prices. So that when somebody applies to work with you, they can clearly see that what your, what your package is what your prices are right up front and I even have a note on my contact form application that says Are you prepared to pay a 33% deposit should we decide to move forward on this call, you know, and they will know that about when we get on the call.

So that I know that sounds like a quick cash injection, but it has made such a difference for me, and getting on the phone with people who are ready to work with me. And along with that has come one other thing I can’t recommend enough is to pick one of your copywriting offers and make that experience like, so solid for your, for your clients. So after they book a discovery call with you send them a package and a brochure like, like a virtual Like pricing guide and package brochure like let them know you got you know, I do this all through email you can do it however you want but just let them know you got their their application, you’re looking forward to talking with them send reminders for their calls right after they book with you like just be so on top of that client communication and education and care, I think it will just make your that experience and charging those higher prices just easy yes for people. And easy yes, for you to refer.

Leveraging Referrals and Collaborations

Another thing I’ve done in my business to help boost cash is have a referral program. So, and this can be for people who’ve worked with you before just people in your circle. So if you refer me to anybody, and they book with me, I give you $100, cash in PayPal.

That’s like basically how my business survives without social media. Because it’s just so it was worked so great. For me, it’s just such a no-brainer like for them.

And it just works for me to get referrals from people I trust. So have a referral program of the application on your website. Kind of think of what else, and just a ver, just hold the belief in your offer, you know, to make a really incredible client experience. You’ve got to believe in what you’re providing and create that.

And I think those are the best ways that I’ve made cash injections along with collaborations right. Reach out to designers, like I said, marketing agencies, funnel strategists. Anybody who would might also work with people who need copywriters reach out to them, do collaborations to build your own community, your own email list. Yeah, I hope that was helpful.


That was very helpful. In definitely I the listing your prices on your website, I’m glad that you said that. Because there’s definitely two schools of thought out there like I’m list them and don’t list them. And I think if they’re not listed, and people don’t know what to expect going in, you’re right, you’re going to get people who aren’t prepared.

 And you’re also going to have people who won’t even apply because they don’t feel like they’re qualified to be able to work with you. And they might have a different price point in your head in their head of what the obligation would be. And if you have that listed on there, I think it’s a no-brainer, because our time is valuable still as well.

So I love that the collaborations and the referral. It’s a lot of how most financial coaches build their businesses as well is like, the social I like being on Instagram and like I have a LinkedIn strategy and stuff. But a lot of the other stuff is done through collaborations just like you said, and referrals. And I think that’s all super valuable to be able to work on those skills and have that and hear that it works.

Staying Organized While Working from Home


You mentioned your calendar and your spending the hour, to really time block. Is there anything else that you’ve found very helpful when it comes to working from home? Or really just staying organized in juggling all the hats that you’re juggling?


Yeah, I mean, that calendar time blocking thing is has been my saving grace. That’s helped me the most other things just other than that, you know, I know your listeners have heard this before, but ask for help.

So many times, I have put the whole world on my shoulders, when my husband or my mom or my kids are like so available to help me with things, whether that’s watching the kids or housework or making dinner or ordering dinner out one night. So often I run around my house thinking like I’m doing it all and I have to do it all and you know, the world’s on my shoulders, when really I have plenty of people who love me. And if I need to do something on a Saturday, because I’m behind for a couple hours, it would be no problem to help me.

And so just getting over that, for me has been huge and really keeping my calendar and really, you know, I keep my phone and another room for me if I don’t want to be on it all the time. That’s huge for me, I know that’s huge for a lot of people. That’s a huge distraction. And I need I think that’s all, those three things are really helping.


Do Not Disturb is your friend when it comes to your phone. Um, is there any mistakes that you would want somebody to and we kind of touched on this with, like a starting out copywriter on not spending time with all of the, I guess we can call them forward facing pretty stuff and really just getting into action. Is there anything that we missed? Or do you feel like that part really kind of covered it?


Yeah, I think we covered it. I mean, really just putting yourself out there and starting to pitch or reach out to people who you can help and who you think might connect you to people you can help.

I, you know if you’re going to find your very first client so often we spin out and trying to build a website and then we like spin out and trying to build an Instagram page, and none of those things matter. You will get clients and you’ll get money coming in the door and then you can do those things but you’ve Got to find clients first to have a business.

Like you were talking about collaborations with your, with your first virtual assistant. And that’s what I did. Like, when I was ready for like a beautiful website, I partnered with a designer, I wrote her website, and she designed mine. So all of those things are available to you, but they are not required. You know, Bill, even if you, you know, I think it’s beneficial to have a portfolio as a copywriter.

So if you haven’t had a client yet, there’s plenty of programs on one I took was called filthy rich writer. That was one of the very first copywriting education courses I took. And I think it’s $497 for lifetime access. And inside that program, we will build a mock portfolio she’ll give you mock clients. So there’s ways you to build your portfolio, but it doesn’t have to be fancy and a website, it can be in a Google Doc that you email people.

So just reaching out and finding those first clients. You know.

Common Misconceptions about Copywriting


Is there any misconceptions that you hear about the industry in general that like, if somebody was kind of on the fence, you’re like, Okay, that’s not really how this works?


Um, yeah, and I think, I think one misconception people maybe think maybe not anymore when they hear copywriting is that you’re like this sleazy salesperson like in a cave who like thinks of ways to get people to buy stuff they don’t need. But that’s not it at all. You know, copywriting is really just connecting businesses with clients who need what they have to offer.

So your client, when you’re a copywriter, your client is going to have an offer. And it’s your job to figure out the messaging and the words around that, that are going to speak to people who need that. So when people see that offer, they’re like, what, that’s me.

So that’s really what copywriting is, it’s listening, it’s being very empathetic to what people need and what businesses are hearing, you know, hearing from their clients what they need, and then weaving that in into words. So that might be one misconception. That’s what I had right away.

Starting Your Copywriting Journey


I can see that I don’t know that I thought that but I probably thought more like librarian sitting in a corner thing, but you kind of nailed that, that you can be introverted or extroverted and still be successful as a copywriter already. Is there anything that I haven’t asked for that? We haven’t talked about that everyone kind of needs to know the answer to?


I don’t think so. This has been so great. And just, yeah, just that if you like we talked about if you have that knack for writing that true interest in someone’s story, right?

Like if you walk into a shop in your neighborhood, and you find out the story of the owner and how they’ve had this store for 25 years and everything, you know, they that, they built to create this business and that story, just like you just love that so much in the heart of small business and storytelling and writing then definitely copywriting could be for you.

Free Email Sequence Masterclass


I love it. And I believe you have a free gift for our listeners. So why don’t you tell us a little bit about that?


Sure. So I have a free email sequence masterclass. So if you’re somebody who is doing email marketing for your business, come this class teaches you. It’s 15 minutes long and it walks you through exactly how to set up a welcome sequence which is just the automated series of emails that goes out to somebody when they opt in to your list so to kind of nurture that relationship and and hopefully lead to the sale.

Connect with Jenny Roth


I love it and I love that it’s only 15 minutes because we can work on that and cracks a time. Where can our listeners find you online? If like just because, A, you’re an awesome person and B, you’re an awesome copywriter, So.


Aimee Yeah, I’m at And that’s where I’m at, on Instagram too is at @jennyrothcopywriting


Awesome, and I will make sure that I include all the links below. Thank you so much. This has been amazing and of course, if you’re listening have questions, make sure to connect with either one of us ask them below if you’re watching Inside the toolkit, and we’ll see you next time.


Thank you, Aimee.

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