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Investing Where To Start

Do you love the idea of investing, but the thought of getting started makes you feel nauseous? As you just do not know where to get started.

The first step that you need you can take action on; you can do without triggering that fear either #winning

What type of investment returns are you looking for?

1. Monthly Income Returns

2. Capital Gains that show in net worth, not as cash on hand

There are so many options out there!

Today I am helping you eliminate that overwhelm feeling. By giving you the steps, you need to decide to get started and resources for you to make that first couple of steps.

Watch the video below for the details

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YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Choose what types of investments you would like to have, then fund your Financial Freedom Account for your investments starting TODAY! Then grab the Financial Action Guidebook to achieve the financial goals you set.

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Read It! Investing Where To Start

Have you thought about starting an investment portfolio?

Getting Started into investing and wanted to grow passive income streams, but the thought of having to figure that out absolutely terrifies you.

I know that there could be fear there like you don’t know what you’re doing, how on earth do you get started investing, and that is what we’re going to talk about today so if you felt that fear or maybe you just don’t know where the heck to start.

This is really gonna help you out before we dive into that though want to make sure that I quickly introduce myself so if we have not met before. Hi, my name is Aimee Cerka, I am the Money Confidence Coach, and founder of Money Masters Inner Circle so I help moms to master money by creating confidence in their ability to solve the money problem, so they can stop living paycheck to paycheck, and instead create options security and build wealth.

So let’s go ahead and dive in. We are talking today about investing and how the heck do you start investing right?

It can be this scary feeling.

I know for me personally; I was kind of terrified at the thought of starting an investment portfolio because you hear all the time about people losing it all with investments, and you don’t want that to be you.

When you’re working hard for your money, you’d like it to grow, but you definitely don’t want to lose it.

So first things first, when you are interested in starting an investment portfolio. Really, even if you’re not. I’m encouraging you to start this first step. That is we need to put money aside for it, right?

When you’re first getting started, it can be something small. $5-$10 dollars a week, something like that $25 a month, somewhere in there just start somewhere.

So open a savings account at a separate bank. We’re going to label it as your FFA account, your financial freedom account because your investments are going to grow your passive income streams so that you can work to attain either total financial freedom or partial financial freedom whatever your goal is.

Your financial freedom account is only used for assets that are going to create your passive income. Which means you don’t have to be working with them. So your business is not a passive income stream. Passive income streams don’t require your time consistently.

Ideally, even just starting with 1% of your income. Putting that aside in that separate bank, a savings account works, especially if you are feeling like I can’t start doing this right now.

Just taking the simple step of putting money in that account is going to be huge for you.

Okay, so we’re setting the intention that we are going to start investing by putting the money aside. Again, it doesn’t have to be a lot.

The next thing that you need to be doing so I guess we’ll call this step two is we have to figure out what type of passive income you would like to have.

You have different options, and I’d love to hear if you have tried investing or you are successfully investing in one of these areas. Just share with me in the comments what are you doing, what’s working for you.

There are passive income streams where you get monthly dividends off of them. And then there are passive income streams that just accumulate in your net worth that you’re not seeing a monthly return on them in a cash payout, but they’re accumulating wealth that you have that is an asset.

Some examples:

Real estate is a common one.

If you have a rental property that you’re collecting rent off of monthly with things in place that you’re not really having to manage that property. Maybe you’ve got like a maintenance person that comes and takes care of those maintenance things that would be the monthly income there. So real estate can be one, but real estate can take a lot of money to kind of get started.

Another option would be vending machines, that is very popular. With buying many machines, there’s a little more of an upfront cost there and some maintenance so it’s not a large passive income stream starting out but it’s less risky than starting with the real estate because the vending machines are only a couple of hundred dollars normally.

Or you can start investing in the stock market, mutual funds. There are tons of information out there I have resources I can share. But if you are looking to invest in the stock market, which is where I decided to get my feet wet when we first started investing. We picked mutual funds that are, the term just totally left me, where it’s a bit of everything. Somebody, please help with this term, but the mutual fund where there are different stocks combined, you’re buying on the market as a whole.

When you’re investing in the stock market there are two different options so you can buy and hold, or you can buy and sell, which is more day trading. I don’t advocate for day trading, simply, but if you’re going to do it, just use hobby money, because most people end up losing money.

Buy and hold is definitely what I recommend because, again, we’re working towards long-term wealth.

If you look at the overall picture of what the stock market has done in the last 100 years. It’s gone up. If you just hold – ride the ups and ride the downs. Warren Buffett says, if the market was down he would still buy stocks, whether it’s up whether it’s down, I forgot the exact quote. Basically, regardless of what’s going on. He’s still going to be consistent in buying because he knows long-term overall is going to be the growth is going to be the gains there because that is what the market does.

We have to not be so concerned about the ups and downs of every little thing. So again, we’re starting small.

First Recommendation Was – Start your fund, your financial freedom fund. Start funding that with like $10 a week, 1% of your income just start somewhere.

Start consistently moving funds over, and then you can start investing, and again I’ve got some specific resources if you’d like me to share. I use Fidelity, can get an account with Fidelity Investments. They have a lot of referrals there, but you can start small, put $25 in that mutual fund. You know, it might be scary at first but it’s just $25 right?

Who knows in a month or two, maybe you’ll have $5 more depending on what the market does. I think that was what we started with, and the next month we had already earned an additional $5.

So, again, it’s just about getting your feet wet getting started. So the first step there is making the intention, setting the money aside. Then we need to make sure that we just kind of start somewhere.

Once you set the intention that you’re going to be investing. We have to set the intention of what you’re going to invest in so are you starting in: the stock market, are you working towards real estate, are you doing vending machines, are you buying businesses investing in businesses as well (think like Shark Tank type thing but there are several other options out there as well).

We have to figure out what we want to do. Then if you know how to do it great you’ve already got the first step done so you’re just making the plan on making it happen.

Is that an income thing?

Is that a time thing?

What do you need to do to get to the next step?

So what’s the next step you need to take if you have no clue what you’re doing. It’s to find some help.

Now, I know financial advisors are very popular and there can be a time and place with that, but nobody is as concerned with your money as you are, so even if you’re using a financial advisor. I would highly recommend that you at least know what’s going on and know what this looks like. Because of what we have found, it’s not always the best thing for your money. So make sure you’re at least being hands on. If you’re using a financial advisor know what’s going on.

If you are ready to get started, and you’re thinking like okay I need some help need some guidance what are my options?

Text Investing to 817-969-4653 and I’ll get you on the VIP waitlist for the training that we are working on regarding getting started with investments because that’s what we’re here for.

If you’re thinking that I need some money to start investing, I need to hit a goal for my investment.

You need to grab the Financial Action Guidebook this is designed to jumpstart your finances quickly so that you can hit those financial goals that you actually set because we all know that we set goals and then don’t actually achieve them. This is going to fix that. So the Financial Action Guidebook to jumpstart your finances quickly is going to help you actually get to those goals so you have the money to invest like you would like to. If you want to get your hands on that visit


Recap Investing Where To Start

1. We need to set money aside designated money every single week, every single month just pick an amount, commit to it, whether it’s a percentage of your income which is what I recommend or a flat amount, doesn’t matter just make the decision and start doing it separate bank so you can’t touch it, a savings account works, especially if you are not ready to invest.

2. Then decide on what we’re going to invest in so what does that look like for you?

3. What’s the next step for you to get there: Is that just creating an account so you can learn more? Is it joining a Facebook group so you can learn more? Or you’re ready to just jump into the deep water and start investing now, even if it’s $25 in the stock market.

If you want the full blueprint, with all the different options, lined out for you so that you can become an investing pro text “Investing” to 817-969-4653 and I’ll get you on the VIP waitlist.

Hope that you found this video helpful and valuable, and especially if you did, I’ve got a special gift that I would love to get to you. And what this is, is I have a Financial Action Guidebook to help you jumpstart your finances quickly. So, have you ever set a financial goal and then didn’t hit it and didn’t quite know why like, what was the hole, what happened, what went wrong? And if you want to be able to efficiently, effectively set goals you can actually attain in your finances so you can move forward in your finances, because I know if you were taking the time to watch this video. You are somebody who wants to make a change.

I know you can do that and this guidebook is going to help you walk through those steps on how you can set those goals that you can actually achieve so I would love to get this in your hands. Depending on where you’re watching this video, the link is going to be in the description below or above, somewhere in the description.

Go directly to, get your hands on that Financial Action Guidebook to jumpstart your finances quickly, and we’ll see you later.

YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Choose what types of investments you would like to have, then fund your Financial Freedom Account for your investments starting TODAY! Then grab the Financial Action Guidebook to achieve the financial goals you set.

Want to see what it would be like to master your money? Or what tools for success I recommend? Head over to the Resources Tab!

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