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Money Strategies Aren’t Hard

Have you made the leap to improve your finances by starting a business or a side hustle for extra income, yet you don’t know how to properly fund your business and take care of your personal necessities at the same time?

Your time is valuable and you need the solution so you can spend more time in your business creating that income and doing what you love!

This video will create the space of making that a reality. No more stress, or trying to figure out how to make this work.

A simple process that can be programmed to happen almost on autopilot so you have more time to do what you love

Check out the video where I explain

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YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Take the first step to creating a system where you have more time and less stress with money – create a percentage based budget. Then make sure to apply for a Master Your Money Strategy Session so together we can plug holes that are in your budget starting today.

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Read It! Money Strategies Aren’t Hard

Have you started to business and then, felt pressure, felt tension with trying to manage your money and figuring out how to manage your money effectively so that you’re paying for the stuff that you need to, taking care of your responsibilities, and still funding your business? That is what I’m going to. I went into the entire process at the Mompreneur Mastery Summit on Monday so if you’ve registered to join us. Check Out Mompreneur Mastery Summit Replays. Go check out the replay, because this is the Cliff’s notes version, and I dive into so much explanation, walk you through the process on how you can make this actually work.

Before we dive into though how to actually make that happen for you without the stress without the frustration funding your business like you need to taking care of your responsibilities and still having fun. Let me introduce myself so we’ve never met before. Hi, my name is Aimee Cerka, I am the Money Confidence Coach and founder of Money Masters Inner Circle. So what that means is I help you to master your money by creating confidence in your ability to solve the money problem so you can stop living paycheck to paycheck, and instead create options, security, and build wealth, which of course it’s different from just making more income, which is your goal as a business owner.

I’m really excited to dive into this though because I know that it’s going to be so helpful for you because you’re trying to juggle multiple things you’ve got your personal finances you want to be able to still have fun, and you want to fund your business.

There’s a lot going on and you feel almost divided with what your focus should be. And how we set this up truly for success so that your money is managed and if you do it correctly, it can be done on autopilot too so that your money is managed so that you are successfully taking care of your obligations, you’re able to have fun, which is what we call our play money, and you’re able to fund your business.

So the way that we do this is percentage based budgeting.

You take your amount of your income, whatever that may look like for you. Let’s just say it was $1,000, and there’s seven different categories, but for the focus of this, we’re just going to talk about three specific ones that are very important. If you are building a business.

You have your Education Fund, which that is the money you’re using to fund your business.

Your play account, which includes your blow money your spouses blow money you’re dining out money the fun money. The money that we use to create the positive association that you need, with your income.

Then taking care of your necessities and things that you have to actually do. There are other categories seven in total they’re all really important, but we’re going to dive into these three.

So let’s say that again you have a $1,000 paycheck for the week that you are splitting up, let’s use 80% because some of the other categories, we’re just going to roll into our necessities. Just taking care of what we need to so let’s say 80% of your income goes into the necessities. The 10% play account, that positive money association, you’re still able to do stuff with your money and have fun. And then the last 10% you’re using to fund your business.

You’re setting this up that it doesn’t matter what your income is, you’re constantly taking care of your business, taking care of yourself, and keeping that roof over your head, and providing for groceries because it’s not a decision that you’re having to make with yourself. Like okay “where do I spend this money where do I need to put this.” It’s done automatically. The system is set up that takes the stress away and the frustration, away from it and it’s just a matter of looking at the numbers and there is a process to setting up the system correctly because everyone’s numbers do look a little different with course we’ve got goal numbers, we all got to start somewhere. But once you have this system set up.

It takes the stress and the frustration out. If there’s tension in the marriage, financial struggle or financial disagreements, even because typically one of us is a spender and the other wants to saver. Then, that can cause tension, and when we set the system up that it’s just a matter of plugging in the numbers and it’s done, your thought processes and consumed with Do I have enough money for this? Or can I do this?

You can focus on the things that are important to you, because this part is taken care of, systematically, but we’re not just limiting ourselves and pinching pennies and cutting coupons constantly to achieve the goals from our dreams because if we stay in that mindset again, we will want to work hard and achieve more and especially if you have a business and that is your goal. It is very important that we create that positive money association, and that positive money mindset, otherwise you won’t create success because your mind will prevent it subconsciously because you won’t want to have success because subconsciously you think that money is a bad thing.

Very important to make that happen if you are thinking like, Okay, sounds great and all, but I have no clue where to get started, you’re speaking a different language. You know numbers are my thing so maybe you’re not your thing, and you just, like, it makes little sense like how can I actually make this work. What does this look like let’s just have a chat,

Talk through the numbers, and even not numbers, the process of what this looks like for you, and how to make it actually happen, so that you can achieve those goals that you actually want instead of staying in that wheelhouse of being frustrated and stressed and overwhelmed and it feels like it’s this vicious cycle that we keep going through. When there’s tension about money.

Chat how we can make this happen for you by setting up the system so that you don’t have to feel stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated about money if you are somebody who’s thinking like I’m making more income. Doing good I’m not stressed about it but I don’t know how much to be investing I don’t know how much to be putting into my business, how much money I should spend on myself. This process creates a system for you that that is done.

Regardless, as you continue to increase your income. It’s going to happen, you’re going to prevent just the lifestyle inflation that can happen when you make more income, and you’re not truly taking care of your finances when we put this system in place you’re creating the financial security so adding a comma to your bank account, you are investing more so you’re growing more of your income, you’re taking care of your family and you’re still able to do more with your priorities. If that’s giving more, if that’s going on more vacations with your family, you’re able to do all of that, when you set the system up correctly.


Quick Recap

  • Managing your money doesn’t have to be stressful if we allot it correctly, and that is done through percentage-based budgeting.
  • Budget is not a bad word it is just the word that we used to talk about a part of our money management system so when you’re allocating the specific amount of money for your education funding your business, for your play account which is your lifestyle the fun things that you want to do in your necessities all the things that you have to take care of.

Then you’re setting yourself up for success.

Hey there, I hope you found this video extremely helpful. And what I would like to do is offer you an exclusive opportunity, I have a 15-minute strategy session that I am willing to accept some applicants right now so you can fill out a couple of questions, and then we’ll get on the phone together. Let’s have a chat on how we can get you moving forward towards your financial goals, just a little faster. That way you can have the life of your dreams. We’ll see you later. Bye.

YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Take the first step to creating a system where you have more time and less stress with money – create a percentage based budget. Then make sure to apply for a Master Your Money Strategy Session so together we can plug holes that are in your budget starting today.

Want to see what it would be like to master your money? Or what tools for success I recommend? Head over to the Resources Tab!

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Aimee Cerka
Aimee Cerka

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