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Start To Secure Your Family Now

Tired of feeling like you’re not able to create security for your family?

1 basic step that is often missed is so simple to do!

I know that this simple step will make a massive difference for you and your family

Watch this video where I share the details

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YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Choose one tip and start implementing it today, then make sure to grab the Budget Makeover Guide by clicking the button below!

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Transcript of Start To Secure Your Family Now

Have you ever wondered how you’re gonna be able to create wealth and wanting to be able to establish more security for your family. I’ve got one major way that you are one major thing really, but one major way that you can create wealth and it’s really very important to be able to actually do this thing to be able to create wealth.

But before I dive into that I wanted to quickly introduce myself if we’ve never met before. Hi, my name is Aimee Cerka super excited that you’re joining us here tonight.

So, what is the one major thing that you can do one major way that you can make sure that you’re setting yourself up and your family for security in the future.

And it’s really kind of simple, but you know, a lot of things are.

It’s having a wealth account, having a separate account, and I would recommend it’s at a separate bank than your normal everyday checking and using that and that is your wealth account, that is what you’re using for your investments, personal development can come out of here as well.

I call mine my financial freedom account. So, if you’ve heard me talk before you know that I love Discover for everything other than my, not just my normal checking account my basic checking account I have all my savings accounts and other checking accounts there because you actually earn a little bit of interest and their customer service is amazing.

Setting up an account like that and especially since now so many banks use Zelle and you have Zelle as an option, you’re able to move money over into that account so easily. So, create a separate account for specifically for your wealth, whatever you’re going to do, whatever your plan is. You need to have a plan but that’s another day. Whatever your plan is you’ve got to have an account with money in it so that you can start finding it, and you’ve got to start somewhere.

So, open the account, put $25 in there, whatever it might be, and then start adding money to it on a regular basis. Even if you are feeling a little overwhelmed or you don’t know where to start when it comes to what your investment plans or your plan for wealth whatever that might be. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with that, just start the account because you’re taking the action to put the money in there you’re setting that intention that you want to create that security for your family now and in the future because if something were to happen.

You would have that money to fall back on as well as in a, in a moment of need and true need not just what to buy something don’t buy Amazon need, but that money would still be there as well so the one major thing that you can do to set your family up for wealth now and in the future is to create a separate wealth account. So go ahead, if you have don’t have a wealth account already open an account, you can do it online. So there’s not really any reason to delay, create your account. Again, I recommend Discover whatever you want to do just pick an account somewhere open it, even if it’s only putting $25 in there for now. And then you’re going to set yourself up to create that security now and then of course in the future as well and as you add more money to it.

So, that’s really all I’ve got time for tonight.

Hey there hope that you enjoyed this training, these tips today, I’d highly encourage you to go ahead and grab the Budget Makeover Guide. So what the budget makeover guide is going to be is a PDF download that’s going to give you seven tips to discover the extra that is hiding in your existing personal finances. Now, the average person finds it $250 a month, right now without increasing their income that they could be applying somewhere else in their finances, they don’t even know if it’s hiding in there. So go ahead and make sure you grab that Budget Makeover Guide. The link to grab that – there is either going to be a button directly below this video or in the description depending on where you are watching this video at. Grab the Budget Makeover Guide and we will see you later. Bye.

YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Choose one tip and start implementing it today, then make sure to grab the Budget Makeover Guide by clicking the button below!

Want to see what it would be like to master your money? Or what tools for success I recommend? Head over to the Resources Tab!

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Aimee Cerka

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