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How To Set Yourself Up For An Awesome Day Tomorrow

Have you had one of those days where you feel like you got nothing done?

Like nothing went right?

I know I have.

This video here is a prime example…

You’ll see what my 2 must-do steps are when everything has gone wrong to recover and set yourself up for an amazing day tomorrow!

I find that these 2 steps are key even when your day does go according to plan.

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YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Choose to implement your 2 action steps for today and grab your Financial Action Guidebook so even if you have a difficult day you will have eliminated overwhelm when it comes to your money. 

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Transcript of How To Set Yourself For An Awesome Day Tomorrow

It’s Friday, and to be quite honest, it is basically nine o’clock, and I don’t have the stuff done that I’m typically done with by 10am.

And I’ve seen several other people talking today that they’ve had a similar type day and I wanted to share what are the two things that I do to handle these days as best as possible.

But before we get into that I wanted to quickly introduce myself if we’ve never met before. Hi, my name is Aimee Cerka. I am a money confidence coach so I help Mom’s manage their money, effectively so that they can achieve the lifestyle and dreams that they have.

So, what are the two important things that I do when I’ve had a long crazy day like this?

The first thing is probably one of the most important things that I do and work on really all the time and that is giving myself grace.

We got home earlier we had a full day of errands, and we did make it to the park though, and I’ll get to that a second, but we had a full day of errands we got home we had grabbed a pizza so stuck it in the oven made it finally and sat down got everybody fed, and it was, there are so many things that I knew that I needed to be working on, but I was totally spent, totally exhausted, not just physically from being on my feet taking care of the kids but mentally as well. And it’s really emotionally too, we got all the factors here, but I took 20 minutes to myself give myself some grace instead of trying to push through that moment of that feeling like I was just totally exhausted that I could fall asleep on the couch and I never do that.

Instead of trying to push myself through that moment and completing things that were not at my best only giving, probably 50% effort in.

I took 20 minutes to myself sat on the couch, Brooklynn came down to my lap and we kind of just sat there and cuddled. They had a movie on I don’t even think I was really watching it was just kind of resting you take a minute for yourself, and when things don’t go the way that you want them to or it’s been a crazy day, whatever it might be, you have to have grace with yourself and understanding that it doesn’t always go according to our perfect plan, if you are somebody like me, I am melancholy if you don’t know what that means I’m very organized I like lists checklist plans that type of stuff.

But when that stuff goes astray. You have to find a way to be able to deal with it.

So giving yourself grace is really really key. And you can’t spend that whatever it is 15, 20, 30 minutes like beating yourself up where you haven’t gotten just truly take a minute for yourself. But, put a timer on it because if you don’t put a timer on it, you’re probably going to lose track of time. I know that we’ve all done the Facebook scroll before and we don’t want it to turn into one of those things. Even though I’d encourage you not to be on Facebook during that time because you’re still not really taking that time for yourself, you’re focusing on everything so it’s about refreshing yourself even just the 20 minutes.

Then the second thing is it’s finding those victories which kind of can go along with giving yourself grace, but finding the things that you did accomplish, or quick wins that you can get.

I mean, it’s like nine o’clock for us now I’m about to go put the kids to bed but after that, what can I get done in 30 minutes that I can put on my list that I can celebrate today, something that you accomplished.

For us, we did get to the park today we walked, I think it’s about four miles or so, and the kids get to ride the bike and or William got to ride his bike and we were out in the sunshine getting the fresh air and we got that exercise in and that counts as a win, and finding some of the things that we’ve been looking for at the grocery store for several weeks that’s a win to even if it’s something like silly like that like you finally found what you were looking for it’s still an accomplishment doesn’t matter how big or small, whatever that might be, you’re still looking for that so that’s really the second thing is to celebrate what you have accomplished, and if you still got some time.

What can you accomplish in that small little bit like what can you do to help move yourself forward, even if it’s only 15 minutes?

Can you write a piece of content or prep a meal clean something real quick, whether it’s a countertops drawers, whatever it might be. Find something small that you can do that help you move forward.

And when you’re celebrating your wins that works a lot better if you have somebody you’re celebrating with so type them up in a text. Even if you’re sending it to yourself I guess that still is gonna count, but find somebody that maybe that you can send it to a significant other best friend somebody that can help celebrate with you. Kind of makes it just that much more fun.

Okay, well, quick recap before I go put the kids to bed so the number one thing that I do when you’ve had a crazy hectic day is giving yourself grace and understanding that things aren’t going to happen the way we want them to all the time and we had to figure out a way to move forward from that without beating ourselves up over what didn’t happen what was accomplished and essentially the past now. And then the second thing was to find a way to celebrate your wins, big or small, what did you accomplish today that you can celebrate. In spite of things going off the rails.

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And what if you want to be able to efficiently, effectively set goals that you can actually attain in your finances so you can move forward in your finances, because I know if you were taking the time to watch this video, you are somebody who wants to make a change. I know that you can do that and this guidebook is going to help you walk through those steps on how you can set those goals that you can actually achieve. So I would love to get this in your hands. And depending on where you’re watching this video, it’s the link is either going to be located in the description below or above somewhere in the description.

The link is going to be listed, or you can go directly to Get your hands on that Financial Action Guidebook to Jumpstart Your Finances Quickly, and we’ll see you later. Bye

YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Choose to implement your 2 action steps for today and grab your Financial Action Guidebook so even if you have a difficult day you will have eliminated overwhelm when it comes to your money. 

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