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Are You Aware Of Your Association?

Who do you hang out with?

Did you know that your income is the average of the 5 people around you that you hang out with?

Your mind is a powerful thing and who you associate with affects you greatly. So, is your association bringing you down or helping you to rise up?

Have you ever noticed how the water cooler talks start with someone did something but oh someone else can top that then someone different can top that. It seems like subconsciously everyone is fighting to have the best or often worse situation. Yikes!

Now that you are aware of what these conversations often end up sounding like you can make an effort to avoid them. If you are ambitious and have high goals and dreams like I know you should. You definitely don’t have time to waste that mental energy on negativity. The biggest obstacle to growth is often your own self-image. Don’t make things more difficult by associating and listening to word garbage.

This is going to be a big one for many people. The association in the car of the music or radio station you listen to matters too. I love music so this is a hard one for me as well. But have you ever listened to the words of the songs that we all seem to love? It doesn’t really matter the genre unless you are listening to Christian or Classical it most likely not positive and uplifting.

There is a time and place for music. I still listen to it daily. I am just more selective in the songs that I listen to. I have a playlist of things that are motivating to me and can help pick me up if I am having a rough start to my day. However, the norm I would challenge you to create is a university on wheels. Start listening to personal development material or audiobooks in the car. Check with your local library, our library has a program where as part of our library card we can check out 6 books a month through a website/app called Hoopla. They have a pretty big selection of audiobooks as well as eBooks as well.

These are all small but important changes you can make to improve your association. The biggest thing is you are aware now. Until you become aware of an issue you cannot change it.

YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Decide 1 thing that you are going to work on to improve your association, then I would love for you to connect with me on social media. I want to hear what you are going to work on and if this has helped you. You can also over head over to the resources tab to check out some of my favorite tools!

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Aimee Cerka
Aimee Cerka

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