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Are You Feeling Discouraged By Your Debt?

Your debt – it’s frustrating you, isn’t it?

What do you do?

You’ve got way too much debt

You feel almost like you are suffocating?

In that position?

Then I know this is going to be game-changing.

Get your happy back!

Watch this video for 3 things you must do to regain a positive outlook

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YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Have a plan! Calculate your net worth then grab the Budget Makeover Guide to uncover the extra hiding in your existing personal finances starting today with no additional income required.

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Are You Feeling Discouraged By Your Debt?

I wanted to talk to you, especially if you are feeling discouraged about having a lot of debt, a high debt load, but if you’re discouraged because you’ve got a lot of debt and you’re not seeing a way out.

I’ve got three tips for you to help you maintain a positive outlook, as you’re going through this financial journey because I know it is not always easy. But before we dive into that wanted to quickly introduce myself and my guest here. So, if we’ve never met before. My name is Aimee Cerka, and I help moms faster their money by creating confidence in their ability to solve the money problem so they can stop living paycheck to paycheck and instead create options security and build wealth. And then this is Brooklynn my youngest.

How do you maintain a positive outlook when you have that high debt load and when you’re feeling discouraged.

The first thing that I want to encourage you to do is to have a plan. When we know how we’re going to get somewhere, it’s a lot easier to get there if we know what the destination is and the roadmap of what’s that gonna look like. And if you don’t have a roadmap already, stick around to the end I’m going to share with you how you can get access to a guidebook that I think that will really help you to create a game plan.

Number one is to have a plan, we’ve got to find a way to be able to see that light at the end of the tunnel because, again, when we know where we’re going. It’s a little more encouraging when we get stuck in that moment feeling discouraged.

Then the second thing is going to be to change your money story. Now, we all have money stories what we tell what your money story is, is the story you tell yourself about money. Now, this is affected by what you were told growing up, what your parents told you about money what you say about money. Growing up, and any major life obstacles life experiences really that have happened along the way affect your money story. So when you’re telling yourself something about money. And it’s not helping you in a positive manner to overcome those obstacles, you’re going to get discouraged because we haven’t changed how you view money and how you’re attracting money to you so that you can improve your money story. So that’s number two is changing your money story so have you ever.

Did you ever hear growing up, that, you know,

We don’t have the money for that.

It’s not in the budget.

We can’t afford that.

I’d love for you to share with me below if your parents have ever told you that before because I know a lot of us have heard those type of things, and we don’t realize always what it’s doing to our subconscious and how it’s framing how we think about money so that was number two.

Then the last thing, which is actually has been the biggest factor for our family personally on our debt payoff journey whenever we’ve been discouraged. This has made a huge difference for us.

So instead of just focusing on paying off your debt, we need to focus on our net worth. Now it might seem kind of crazy because we’re talking about having a massive debt load here, but it’s gonna make a difference, because when you are stuck in that mindset that you’re just focused on the enormous amount of debt that you have to pay off.

You are not looking to see the positive that you’re making so your debt is a negative thing, right? And if we focus on your net worth overall, which is affected as you pay off debt. As you pay off more debt, then your net worth is going to increase because you’re going to have fewer liabilities right?

So it’s still the same thing overall, you’re still working towards paying off the debt, but switching from focusing on paying off your debt to increasing your net worth is going to make a big difference for you in how you feel.

So, one is just focusing on how, how much more do we have to go? How much more debt do we have to get out of it and it’s a heavy thing to even say like you can feel the weight of it there.

But when you’re focusing on your net worth, and how much income you have, how much savings you have how many assets you have, like, what that looks like.

Your assets minus your liabilities is how you calculate your net worth.

When you focus on that it makes a big difference for you because you were able to get to where you’re going. By focusing on the positive increase instead of decreasing your debt. And there are also a couple of little tricks there but we don’t have time to get into that there, but those are our three tips today if you’re feeling discouraged about your high debt load and you want to maintain a positive outlook.

So quick recap here. Number one was to have a plan you got to know where you’re going, how you’re going to get there that roadmap, how you’re going to get to where you want to be. Then the second thing was to change your money story. Our money story is what we tell ourselves how we feel about money. Do we constantly hear growing up like we can’t afford that from our parents, but the things that we tell ourselves about money and how we feel about the money that we do have, and how we feel about rich people and wealth and money, in general, that is your money story so when we change your money story again that’s gonna be your, that was the second tip. And the third one was to focus instead of just paying off your debt to focus on building your net worth, and that is going to be the biggest thing for you. Like, seriously it’s going to be a game-changer for you when you focus on your network versus just paying off your debt.

And there’s three aspects to your finances and that’s what I cover in the Financial Foundations Kickoff program, but that one step right there is what so many people see that makes a big difference for them.

Hey there, I hope that you found this training helpful. And what’s next for you. We need to make sure that you grab the Budget Makeover Guide so what the Budget Makeover Guide is going to do for you is it’s a PDF guide that’s going to help you walk through how to uncover the money that you already have in your existing personal finances that you don’t know is just waiting to be found. Crazy, right?

So, you’re already working hard for your money right, let’s make the most of it, make sure that your hard-earned money your time, your effort, your sweat equity that you’ve worked hard for is going to the places that you want it to go. If you want to be spending it great but let’s make sure that it’s not missing.

So, if you’re ready to find the extra money that is hiding in your personal finances no additional income required just waiting to be found, grab the Budget Makeover Guide what you need to do is go to for Budget Makeover Guide and you can grab the Budget Makeover Guide. we’ll see you next time. Bye for now.

YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Have a plan! Calculate your net worth then grab the Budget Makeover Guide to uncover the extra hiding in your existing personal finances starting today with no additional income required.

Want to see what it would be like to master your money? Or what tools for success I recommend? Head over to the Resources Tab!

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