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Creating A Lifestyle of Gratitude


Seems like this word is so commonly used these days.

Honestly, I’m a part of that.

I use gratitude journaling as part of my morning routine every morning. 10 things that I am grateful for.

What if we could create the habit – a lifestyle of gratitude?

What would you’re life look like if you could make that switch?

Would there be more happiness?

More joy?

Less stress?

Less anger?

Watch the video below where I share what it could look like if you developed an attitude of gratitude all year long – transforming it into a lifestyle of gratitude.

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YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Write down 10 things that you are grateful for today. Then grab the 4-step morning process to kickstart your day!

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Transcription of Creating A Lifestyle of Gratitude

Today I want to delve into, especially here in the US but I think it’s pretty much worldwide. I’d love to hear if this is incorrect. But, November is kind of seen where a lot of people talk about gratitude and they’ll have one thing that they’re grateful for every day. Different type of things where you write it down like a little journal or on a calendar, I have another friend that has a pumpkin that they use that they write things that they’re grateful for around on this pumpkin and that was a really cool idea I hadn’t seen that before.

But, so much of this is focused on November and today I kind of wanted to talk about what would happen if you developed an attitude of gratitude, year-round. So before we dive into that. Hi if we’ve never met before. My name is Aimee Cerka, super glad that you’re here, and excited to get to connect with you further.

So, what would happen if we decided to maintain that attitude of gratitude, not just during this holiday season. For those of us here in the United States of course Thanksgiving is this week, and then Christmas coming up next month. What if we decided to live a life of gratitude and focus on what we were thankful for.

Personally, I know that I have been writing down 10 things that I’m grateful for every single day since June, so it’s not even been a full six months yet and I already can see a massive difference in everyday life there are so many obstacles and challenges that come your way have a different light on them. When you start your day off with that attitude of gratitude. So I would encourage you to come up with something in a way that definitely expresses your gratitude during this timeframe of the year through this holiday season and we’re getting to spend that time with our family and friends. But let’s find a way to express our gratitude in stay in that grateful state year-round and I’d love to hear if this is something that you practice already. Do you already work on maintaining an attitude of gratitude and what difference does that mean for you in your life? And if this is a whole new concept for you that’s okay too.

Let’s just start somewhere, even if you don’t write down 10 things start with 5. And that is one part of a 4 part gratitude. wake up session. Part of my morning actions in the morning that help me make sure that I’m starting off my day, my week my month, whatever it might be with that gratitude and think, for what we do have because especially those of us here… In, higher wealth countries, United States, Canada, over across the other side of the pond, England, those types of places.

We have so much that we can be grateful for and I highly encourage us to start off our days with attitudes of gratitude, and it’ll make such a big difference. I would love for you to try it. So if you’ve never done this before.

Start with like I mentioned I write down 10 things every morning so if you can only start with 5 and start with 5, but if you’d like, I’ve got the three other parts that I do is part of my morning actions to make sure that I’m starting off my day with that attitude of gratitude. If you would like that other three things that I do, just visit

Hey there, I hope that you found that video helpful and valuable. If so I definitely would love to give you this free gift that I’ve got it’s a four-step process that I use to kickstart my day. I don’t know about you but I found that when I start the day off, and just kind of let things happen in that reactionary mode, you don’t get as much done because you’re in that defensive position instead of kickstart into your day so that you can start off on the offensive this offensive position so you can take charge of your day.

So I’d love to get your hands on this gift, this four-step process to kickstart your day. But you can do is there’s going to be a depending on where you’re watching it, there’ll be a button directly below this video that you can grab that or there will be a link in the description. You can also directly grab it Either way, go ahead and grab that can’t wait for you to get your hands on it, and we will see you later. Bye.

YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Write down 10 things that you are grateful for today. Then grab the 4-step morning process to kickstart your day!

Want to see what it would be like to master your money? Or what tools for success I recommend? Head over to the Resources Tab!

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Aimee Cerka

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