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Struggling? – 4 Step Process To Help You Through

When you get hit by one of life’s “curveballs”

What do you do?

You have to keep moving, right?

There is a 4 step process I’ve used time and time again to help me keep going and making it through those tough times.

The best part about the 4 step process?

It costs you nothing, so no additional stress is added to your plate!

Check out the video below where I share the 4 step process to recover if you’re struggling right now

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Read It! Struggling? – 4 Step Process To Help You Through

Are you struggling right now? If so, I know this is really going to help you out. I have my four-step process that we use to help recover from those difficult days, those difficult times, and I’m going to share it with you. So before we dive in, though I wanted to make sure that I quickly introduce myself so my name is Aimee Cerka and I’m the Money Confidence Coach and founder of Money Masters Inner Circle. So I help moms like you master your money by creating confidence in your ability to solve the money problem. So you can stop living paycheck to paycheck and said create options security and build wealth.

So let’s dive in, if you’re just joining us and you are just kind of life’s thrown curveball at you and you are tired of feeling stressed, and all that stuff. We’ve got a four-step process here that we’re going through so you can recover from a difficult time from one of life’s curveballs.

The first thing is don’t beat yourself up, because what’s happened has happened we can’t change anything we can’t go back and change the past we made the best decision we could, in the moment. There’s nothing we can do about it so it doesn’t do any good to continue to waste energy on beating ourselves up, so we have to be able to reframe that, and just look towards moving forward. That is not an easy thing to do. In the beginning, it’s definitely a habit, we have to create but that’s the first step for you.

The second thing that I recommend and that I’ve used whenever we’ve had a curveball being thrown at us is to start your day off with gratitude, which I do on an everyday basis but it’s more important when you’ve got a curveball thrown at you. So, 10 things every single morning that you’re grateful for, a minimum of 10, if you do more great because the more that we can reflect on being grateful for what we do have, the better we’re going to be able to again reframe that. It’s also going to help with the stop beating yourself up, which was number one. Start your day off with gratitude.

The third thing is going to be focused on what you can control. So, we can control our actions, right? We can’t control everyone around us, we can control who is in our circle. But we can’t control everybody else so spending time worrying or focus or stressing on everybody else’s actions, instead of just doing what we can do, isn’t going to help. So for example, if you are feeling stressed or you’ve got a curveball thrown at you when it comes to your money. Then, what I would do here is, the first part of focusing on what you can control will be knowing where you’re at. So taking stock of what your expenses are, where you’re at financially. Get a good snapshot and then you can focus on the parts that you can control. So eliminating expenses or making more money there are different aspects there that are all up to you instead of things that are outside of your control.

And then the fourth thing is to stay connected to your dreams and goals because we all have something that we’re working towards least we should. It’s going to make life a lot more enjoyable. Staying focus on those things being focused on or working towards instead of again the negative on what’s going on around us is going to help. There is a lot of options depending on what you’re working towards. So maybe you’re wanting a new house make sure you’ve got house apps on your phone that you’re looking at new houses all the time. We had wanted a car, a new car for me for a couple of years so we were looking at cars all the time and now I’ve got my dream car, a couple of months ago. So it was interesting though because you spend all that time working on that, and then like there’s this void, like, okay, now I can focus on the next thing because you achieve that dream you got what you were looking for. Focusing on what you what your dreams and your goals.

If you’ve never done this exercise before, write down 100 things that you would like to accomplish kind of like a mini bucket list, simple stuff can be on there. I used to put on there a new pillow because getting a new pillow was a big deal. So, that is really all I’ve got time for today I will quickly recap.

Before I do that, if you are ready to stop stressing about money, then I would love to get my Budget Makeover Guide into your hands. What that’s going to do is it helps you uncover the money that’s already hiding in your existing personal finances, without increasing your income. So if you’d like to get your hands on that just comment money below in the comments and I’ll make sure to reach out to you and get that to you.


Four ways to recover when you got a curveball thrown at you

  1. Don’t beat yourself up.
  2. Start your day with gratitude,
  3. Focus on what you can control, and if that’s for your finances taking a snapshot of where you are at, at the moment.
  4. Stay Connected to your dreams and goals so focusing on what you’re working towards and where you’re going to.

If you’re ready to stop stressing about money, then make sure to grab the Budget Makeover Guide and you can uncover the extra that is hiding in your existing personal finances, without increasing your income.

YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Choose one tip and start implementing it today. 

Want to see what it would be like to master your money? Or what tools for success I recommend? Head over to the Resources Tab!

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Aimee Cerka
Aimee Cerka

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