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Are You In Sales?

Sales the dreaded S word. It seems very polarizing. If you are in sales your either excited about it or you hate it. If you aren’t in sales the typical responses I hear is either disgust towards salespeople or I could never be a salesperson.

That last belief is what I want to address first.

“I could never be a salesperson”

Well… I’ve got some news for you. You are already in sales.

I’m sure your thinking no, you don’t know me, Aimee, I just can’t sell. Wrong! First, we need to change that thinking so you can crash the ceiling as to how successful you can be in sales.

If you’re married, you sold your spouse on you. I heard a speaker that would tell the men that he had seen their wives and some of them are excellent salespeople. If you aren’t married, you still sold yourself for any date you’ve gone on or any relationship you’ve been in.

You also sell yourself to your employer to get that job. How well you do this determines your pay and rank in the company.

Now that that’s out of the way and we all know we are in sales. Why should you be excited about it??? I’m glad you asked! A good salesperson solves a problem. The question is what problem are you solving? When I was in insurance I was solving the problem of protecting my client’s assets.

Do you want to increase your pay at work? You’ll need to get better at sales. To get better at solving problems. So, let’s talk about the top 4 ways to increase your sales

  1. Daily affirmations- if you don’t have a list of affirmations that you say daily, then you need to create/find some. Affirmations are crucial because you must fix your mindset, if you tell yourself the right things then you get out of your own way.
  2. Listen to self-development material – replace the talk radio or whatever radio station you listen to on the way to work. Find a podcast, CD, or an educational streaming app that will allow you to start putting in the material to help you improve your life. It can be a variety of categories, what you’ll find is that improving your fitness or marriage helps improve your attitude and energy levels at work.
  3. Read sales books – The first book I would recommend is How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Sales by Frank Bettger. The Magic of Thinking Big is another crucial book for developing your sales skills. You’ll have to read it more than once too. I recently read a book where Darren Hardy (publisher of SUCCESS magazine) said that you should read a book 6 times in a row before starting another to get the most out of the book and make it stick!
  4. Lastly, sell for the right reasons- This isn’t a skill but more a character issue. If you are out selling only for your personal gain and genuinely don’t care about your clients. Your success will be short lived. If you care more about making sure that your clients and prospects are taken care of properly and serve your audience. You will start to achieve success. Don’t sell them something they don’t need or something that won’t adequately take care of them because you want to make a buck.

YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Did you know you were in sales already or did you learn something new today? What are you going to do to start improving your sales skills? – You can also over head over to the resources tab to check out some of my favorite personal development books!

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Aimee Cerka

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