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Avoid This Subconscious Mistake With Your Money

Are you someone who believes that you know what to do with your finances? Do you have the results you are looking for?

There is a 3-word phrase that can be deadly to your progress…

This light bulb moment was a game-changer for myself and my family’s situation when we made this simple switch.

Watch the short video below where I share the details

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Transcription Avoid This Subconscious Mistake With Your Money

Hey there, how are you today I wanted to talk about the fatal mistake that I see a lot of people make, either in their finances and their business and it really applies to all areas of your life if you’re working on your health, or whatever it might be. But before we go ahead and dive in, I wanted to quickly introduce myself so. Hi, my name is Aimee Cerka if we’ve never met before super excited that you’re here. All right, my phone is blowing up they’re super excited that you’re here and that you’re joining us today for this training video. So, again, number four. Hi.

So let’s see, what is the biggest mistake that I see people make, and their finances or really everywhere. It’s kind of a phrase is “well I know that.”

How many times have you said, Well, I know that already, and then we tune things out, we don’t listen. But in reality, if we really knew it wouldn’t things be different? Wouldn’t you’ve already applied it wouldn’t you be at the next step? The next level in your house in your business and your finances. But if you aren’t there yet. Then, do you really know it, because knowledge without application is not really anything, we have to apply that knowledge that we’ve learned. So, the next time that somebody says something, or you’re listening to somebody with an authority or whatever it might be, on your finances on things to make your finances look better to manage your money more effectively in your business, whether it’s social media or prospecting, or posting. If those numbers aren’t where you want it to be then listen.

Even if you do actually know that subject. I encourage you to listen because each person is going to present something a little bit differently, and you’re going to be able to get a different gold nugget from a different person each time.

Because if you think that you’re the smartest person in the room. That’s where we’re wrong, you’re missing out on so many things because so many people have little gold nuggets that you’re not going to get and you’re going to miss out on because you’re not listening.

So the next time that you say, I know that, try and catch yourself think mentally like okay well. What are you missing because you’re closed off so let’s rephrase that. And let me reengage and payback attention and see what Golden Nugget I could be missing because I closed myself off.

It’s a simple principle there’s not really a whole lot of things to talk about regarding this, but it’s so common that people are thinking will already know how to do that. And they shut down.

But there is a difference if somebody doesn’t actually have a result, in what they’re talking about. That’s when he has to take their advice with a grain of salt, there is still I’m sure something that you can learn from them. But if they don’t have the results that you’re looking for. They shouldn’t really be a mentor or coach for you because they don’t have what you’re looking for. I see this happen all the time, especially when people join network marketing and they go to their friends or family or whoever and they talk about like, they get the negative, the negative spin from them and they say that this is a scam, whatever it might be and it doesn’t really matter how you feel about network marketing. But those people that you’re listening to, do they have the results that you’re looking for? Do they have the lifestyle that you’re looking for? And if they don’t, then why are you listening to them because they can’t get you to that point. Hopefully that makes sense.

And we’ll go ahead and keep it short again like I said today. So, before we go though, if you are somebody who feels like you are making this mistake and you want some help to be able to move forward, especially in your area of finances. That is what I do. I am a wealth management and empowerment coach and I help people manage their money effectively without having to live on beans and rice and be able to make those choices or afford those choices that they want in their life so if you were somebody that struggled with this but you’re sick of either living paycheck to paycheck or having to tell your kids No, go ahead and let me know below or send me a message and I will make sure we can get you set up a complimentary one on one strategy session to see what we can do to help you be able to have those desires that you are looking for, have those options that you were looking for, in your life. And with that said, We will see you later. Bye.

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Aimee Cerka
Aimee Cerka

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