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Why You Need To Educate Yourself Online

I’m not sure where you are at on your journey in life. You might be someone who is constantly delving into personal development or you might be someone who hasn’t opened a book (audio or otherwise) since high school.

Honestly… It doesn’t even matter because it is not going to change where you are now.

Have you ever had something happen and looking back you found out that you didn’t have all the pieces of the puzzle when you made that original decision? I know I have. The instance that stands out most for me is the birth of my oldest son (8 years ago now 😲) So…

For the sake of time, we’ll fast forward to the 3rd trimester, but this started WAAAY before that, you’ll see. This is a prime example of why you don’t go to a prenatal appointment hungry! I was 39 weeks 4 days and my obstetrician office had multiple locations.

Since my obstetrician was out of the country. I had to go to a location that was further away (but across the street from the hospital). I was running late and skipped eating to try and make up some time – it was like a 9:30 am appt.

I get to my appt by myself – no significant other in the picture at the time. While at the appointment they discover that I have some symptoms of pre-eclampsia.

Since I was 39 weeks, they decided to treat me as if I did have pre-eclampsia and sent me straight across the street to the hospital. They started Pitocin in an attempt to induce me.

It didn’t go well…

After a couple of hours of no progress, I was prepped for a cesarean. All of my memories are foggy from being on all the drugs lol. I remember the anesthesiologist was talking to a nurse about his boat and taking it out – this was in January so I’m sure it was cold!

I remember my son being born and them showing him to me before whisking him away. He ended up having to go to the NICU so the first time I got to hold him I was able to get all dolled up – makeup on at least!

First Time Holding William 💕

He spent a total of 5 days in the NICU as his blood sugar numbers wouldn’t stabilize. My birthday present (which was his due date) was that they took the IV out of his forehead.

This was my first child and there is so much that I didn’t know then that I know now. I realize now how naïve I was. Choosing your provider and knowing what your options are, is so important! There are things that I would have done differently and did do differently with my subsequent children. 

Do you see what I’m talking about?

I didn’t know what I needed to know.

I’m betting you’re the same way too. The problem is until you dive in you don’t know that you needed to know! Does that make sense?

I’ve got 3 quick tips for you to start to educate yourself effectively

  1. Educate Yourself On Something You Are Interested In – Remember having to do a research paper in school on something you absolutely no interest in?? This isn’t that. At least not to start! Pick something you enjoy that can help your life in some way. Here are some ideas to get you going:
    • Faith
    • Freedom
    • Relationships
    • Fitness
    • Leadership
    • Passion Projects

2. Tell Someone What You Are Learning – If you tell someone, ideally teach them on something that you are educating yourself on you increase your likelihood to remember what you learned dramatically! This is easier to do if you are taking notes. I love pen and paper but I have a ton of electronic notes as well, my favorite note-taking app is Evernote, you can check it out HERE.

3. Commit to a Timeline – Have you ever set a New Year’s Resolution and find by the end of January you’ve already broken it? That’s because we are creatures of habit. Most likely you didn’t have a good support system or you tried to change too many things at once. Pick your 1 thing to start to educate yourself on – study it for a specific amount of time every week over a period of 8 weeks. Now that doesn’t matter if it’s 3x a week or 5x a week, whatever you pick commit to it. Don’t start with 7x a week because you won’t be able to maintain the pace – you’ll miss a day, get discouraged and then you will increase your chances of failure. We don’t want that. We want you to be set up for success

YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Pick what you are going to commit to becoming more educated on for the next 8 weeks, then I would love for you to share below what you are excited to learn about. I want to hear what you are working on and if this has helped you.

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