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Secrets To 6 Figure Earnings

Have you ever felt like the “rich” the 6 figure earners knew something you did not?

Like there was this shortcut they got the instruction manual to. If you could just get a copy of the manual you would be set.

Well, I do not think there is a secret manual out there.

However, I’ve got 2 secrets that I learned from a 7-figure earner and they were too good not to share.

Watch the video for the secrets. More of a reading person? Keep scrolling, I’ve got you covered the transcript is below. 😉

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More of a reading person???

Transcription of Secrets To 6 Figure Earnings

Hey there, how are you? Today actually, I was thinking about something I had a conversation. Actually, with my son, the other day and we were talking about the differences between what you can do when you grew up. You know employee, or owning your business, becoming an investor, those types of combinations. But, um, it reminded me of something and we can cover the whole employee business everything another day. But there were two things I was listening to a training from Darren Hardy last week, and he was talking about, too, maybe a little unusual way that he learned from an influential figure in his life when he was young, on how to increase his income.

So if you have ever thought about wanting to increase your income and your current either job occupation, business, whatever it might be. Need something a little bit out of the box, and this is going to be for you.

But before we dive in. Hi, my name is Aimee Cerka if we’ve never met before. I am a wealth management and empowerment coach so I help others increase their financial bottom line through powerful conversations. So let’s go ahead and dive in.

So the first thing that Darren talked about that he learned when he was young and it made such a big difference for him is if you want to make some more money/ earn some more money. You have to be willing to do the things that are more difficult, something that’s more uncomfortable a little bit difficult, a little bit harder.

Typically you get paid more. This can be as simple as learning to overcome objections and for him, he ended up that he was one of those people, he was only 12 years old, and he went out and was one of those people that ask strangers at the bus stop or wherever it might be to fill out surveys. So you get a whole lot of exposure they’re closing, prospecting, cold calling, handling objections, people being outright rude. Because they don’t like the abruptness of that type of approach. And he had exposure to all that and the traits and things that he learned as he went through all of those obstacles as he learned to overcome those and that even just in that first day, he made way more money than he had ever made just mowing yards. So it was a total game-changer for him. He wanted a Ferrari actually was what inspired him. His influential figure to say like okay well what are you going to do to get it.

And he was able to, because he faced the hard thing, did something a little bit difficult. Even if it will be calling somebody that’s on your chicken list or reaching out to more people just picking up the phone more, talking to more people. Then, you’re much more likely to go through the process, get through it faster, and be able to close that many more people. If you’re in a sales-type position, there are different things that you could do that well out of your comfort zone if it’s something that scares you, then probably if you step into that you have the next level available to you once you get to the other side of that because fear is just something that we rationalize in our head, it’s not really real. Most of the time, it’s not really real. It’s all in our head it’s the primal Fight or Flight survival instinct that kicks in and its false evidence appearing real is what I’ve always heard your stand for.

The second thing that he learned that day, or through that time was training. And there is not a price too high to pay for training because what you learn, and what you know up here is what can never be taken away from you. It is so important that you work to improve yourself not just physical abilities but what you know and what you can achieve is so important. So the story that Darren shared was that he went through that first day he did all that work. I don’t remember the exact number, it was something about like 52 surveys or something like that but he got that he gotten filled out by the end of his shift.

And they went to go cash it in and the guy that he’s working for I counted it all out and then handed it to the other guy that was working with them and told Darren Hardy that he was in training today and that he would earn it later on.

So, at first, Darren was kind of bummed out like you know I did all this work and it was for nothing, but it wasn’t for nothing, because of the skills and the mindsets and the key, the takeaways all that he learned was so worth it.

It was so much more valuable because it’s enabled him to be able to make millions now. And it can do the same thing for you, so don’t be afraid to invest in yourself, and even if it’s something that if it cost you a lot out of pocket if it costs you time. Either way, they can both be good investments in yourself. As long as you’ve got somebody that you are wanting to work with somebody that has results that you are wanting to work towards or can help you get to that point B.

Quick recap real quick. The first thing that Darren Hardy is shared that we that I learned last week was to step outside your comfort zone. If you want to increase your income. Do something that kind of scares you, gaining those new abilities will make such a huge difference for you in your ability to increase your income. And the second thing was, don’t be afraid to invest in training. If you’re investing financially, or if you’re investing your asset of time. Either way, improving what you know how to do is so key and so vital.

Hey there, I hope that you found this video helpful and valuable, and especially if you did, I’ve got a special gift that I would love to get to you. And what this is, is I have a Financial Action Guidebook to help you jump start your finances quickly. So, have you ever had a goal, or set a financial goal and then didn’t hit it and didn’t quite know why like, Where was the hole what happened what went wrong?

And what if you want to be able to efficiently, effectively set goals that you can actually attain in your finances so you can move forward in your finances, because I know if you were taking the time to watch this video, you are somebody who wants to make a change. And I know that you can do that and this guidebook is going to help you walk through those steps on how you can set those goals that you can actually achieve so I would love to get this in your hands. And depending on where you’re watching this video, the link is either going to be located in the description below or above somewhere in the description. The link is going to be listed, or you can go directly to, get your hands on that Financial Action Guidebook to Jumpstart Your Finances Quickly, and we’ll see you later. Bye.

YOUR ACTION STEP FOR TODAY – Claim your Financial Action Guidebook to Jumpstart Your Finances Quickly by clicking the button below.

You can also head over to the Resources tab to check out some of my favorite success tools!

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